Enjoy a seamless driving experience with luxury car rental in Dubai

High end car rentals in Dubai not only allow you the opportunity to behind the wheels of your dream car but it also gives you the option to be chauffeur-driven to a 5-star hotel with opulence and style. With an exotic car rental in Dubai, you can even get yourself picked up directly from the Dubai International Airport.

luxury car fleet in dubai

While there are many reasons behind renting an exotic car in Dubai, the primary one is always to get a premium feel. Top-end cars from brands like Mercedes, BMW, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, and more give you the adrenaline kick you need. It also allows you to roam around the city of Dubai in style. Whether you want the car for a day or you want it for a week to show your family around, everything can be arranged and sorted.

With a wide range of selections including, SUVs, coupes, convertibles, and sedans, you can now rent a car conveniently for a day, a week, or even a whole month. As far as rental prices are concerned, they are competitively priced, at least when you look at it in a way that you get to drive a really expensive car for such amazing deals. Depending on the model you pick, you will definitely end up getting the best-priced deal possible.

Brand options available for luxury car rental in Dubai

At our luxury car rental outlet in Dubai, you are going to find only the best of the best cars available for rental. We only have some of the best brands listed on our website as we all know there is no such thing as an ugly Aston Martin or a substandard Ferrari. Each car in our collection has its own distinctly fabulous design and top-of-the-line features. Take a look at some of the best car brands we work with below:

  • Lamborghini
  • Ferrari
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • McLaren
  • Porsche
  • Rolls Royce
  • Bentley
  • Audi
  • Aston Martin
  • Bugatti


If you are a car enthusiast, you must definitely have had a poster of a Lamborghini in your bedroom when you were a child. The cars produced by Lamborghini look almost unreal, and they come in a variety of unusual colors. There is no other brand that manufactures cars that are so Instagram-worthy. It is not surprising therefore, that our options for Lamborghini car rental in Dubai are always in demand, particularly for professional photoshoots.

“I had never stopped thinking about the ideal motor car. All I had to do was construct a plant to build it.” – Ferruccio Lamborghini


While rivals like Lamborghini experiment with flashy car colors, Ferrari has always gone down the classic route with subdued shades. The brand has always emphasized the Rosso Corsa shade, making a ‘red Ferrari’ easy to spot from even a mile away. Ferrari is one of the most popular supercar hire options in Dubai and these cars are known for being incredibly fast.


McLaren car rental Dubai

A McLaren is extraordinary in its design and performance. Rent a McLaren in Dubai if you really want to experience the thrill on the streets of the UAE. In the city of Dubai, spotting a Lamborghini or even a Ferrari is still easier than spotting a McLaren. This brings McLaren way up on the exclusivity chart. If you are looking to rent one, you should definitely get the 720s, which is a beast when it comes to performance.


The UAE is known for its deserts and what better car will you find than the Mercedes G63 to enjoy exploring the country. The 4×4 vehicle not only gives you a great level of control but it is also filled with ample luxury. It is one of the most popular vehicles due to all the right reasons. From the classic design cues to the luxurious interior, at our car rental firm you will find the perfect cars to roam around the streets of Dubai.


A Porsche is definitely attractive in design, but it is the powerfully-built engine that makes it stand out from the crowd. The Porsche 911 has a huge fan base due to its remarkable design and excellent performance. While a Porsche is undoubtedly a performance-oriented car, it has also been designed to be convenient for daily drives in jam-packed cities.

Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce cars are amongst the most desired cars for rental in Dubai. These cars not only offer a great level of comfort but also deliver an extremely luxurious driving experience. Nothing creates a greater first impression than a Rolls Royce. From the Wraith to the Cullinan, you can pick any of your favorite Rolls Royce models when renting one in Dubai.


Bentleys are highly versatile and are a perfect match for you whether you want to attend a business meeting or head out for an exclusive party. When you are looking to rent a Bentley in Dubai, you should lean towards something like the Bentayga. The SUV offers a fusion of performance and comfort. It is a car that lets you Enjoy Clenbuterol pills price the drive and your family to travel in comfort. Also, these cars are extremely reliable, giving you a sense of relief while traveling.


Audi car rental in Dubai is a tradition more than a need. When you are on the streets of the UAE, you would like to experience luxury from every corner. A wide selection of Audi cars at our store allows you to do just that. With the Audi RSQ8, you get both the thrill of performance as well as maximum comfort. And when you are looking for just the thrill, it’s the Audi R8 you should go towards.

Aston Martin

Popularly known as James Bond’s favorite car, an Aston Martin is a treat for the eyes. With a plethora of options available, you are going to get an all-in-one package that includes incredible design, high-end features, luxurious interiors as well as supreme performance. All Aston Martin models have a certain regal charm that makes their design timeless. No matter where you take these cars, you are going to soak up all the attention wherever it goes.


When talking about supercar rental in Dubai, no list can be complete without mentioning a brand like Bugatti. Since 1909, Bugatti has been working on producing some of the fastest cars in the world. These cars are able to achieve 0-100kph speeds in less than 3 seconds. If that is not enough to leave you impressed, Bugatti cars can go as fast as upwards of 400km/h. It is common to find a Bugatti car on the cover of sports car magazines but uncommon to find one on the streets and that is what gives you the feel of exclusivity.

Price ranges to note for luxury car rental in Dubai

We offer premium cars for rent in Dubai at the best deals. Our collection of exotic cars for rental are priced competitively on hourly, weekly and monthly basis. Luxury car rental in Dubai per day prices start at:

Brand Starting rate (in AED)
Ferrari from AED 3,500
Lamborghini from AED 3,800
McLaren from AED 2,500
Porsche from AED 1,700
Rolls Royce from AED 3,000
Mercedes-Benz from AED 2,155
BMW from AED 1,200
Bentley from AED 4,500
Audi from AED 1,000

A tailormade experience at supercar rental in Dubai

With us, you can expect to receive customized rental services. To make your vacation better, we tailor the renting services as per your requirement. So, you can go for a VIP car rental in Dubai for an hour or for a month. It all depends on what you need to make your vacation or business travel more comfortable.

What’s more, you can rent more than one car at the same time. Traveling in a big group? One car isn’t enough? Get two or more luxury cars from our rental service.

We make sure our customers have an unforgettable and luxurious trip to Dubai. So, to ensure that you don’t get bored driving just one car, we provide you with the option to choose a new car every day or every week. This means you will get to drive a new car every day. Don’t like the car you have rented, get another one. We have a wide range of options.

We will get your car delivered right where you want. Some of the popular points of interest are train stations, airports, and hotels. We know life happens and it is better to be flexible when it does.

Our luxury car rental in Dubai offers deals on all types of drives, from extraordinary to everyday drives.

Requirement of exotic car rentals in Dubai

Sure, renting a luxury in Dubai is no hassle. However, there are a few requirements that you need to take care of. Let’s take a quick look at them.

  • You must be over 21 years old to rent a car in Dubai, UAE
  • A valid driving license. Local driving licenses of certain countries are accepted
  • Tourists need to submit their passport, visa copy, while residents have to provide their Emirates ID.
  • Insurance details also have to be provided.
  • A security deposit is needed. So, you will have to provide your credit card details and the deposit on the card will be blocked for 30 days.

5 best luxury cars to hire in Dubai

At luxury car rental Dubai we offer you the opportunity to choose from a whole range of premium cars at the best deals. Here are the top brands available in Dubai:

  • Ferrari Portofino
  • Bentley Continental Convertible
  • Rolls Royce Ghost
  • Lamborghini Huracan Evo Spyder
  • Mercedes Benz Maybach

Imagine yourself in a Bentley or a Rolls Royce or driving an iconic sports car, such as Lamborghini.  In Dubai, you get the chance to drive the vehicle of your dreams.

Ferrari Portofino

The all-new Ferrari Portofino cost AED 800,000 for the base model and is the latest entry-level car replacing Ferrari California T. It comprises a 3.9-liter turbo V8 motor along with 7-speed auto transmission. It has all the standard features like keyless entry, central locking, front & rear power windows, automatic climate control AC, and engine push start. Additional features include alloy wheels, electrically adjustable mirrors, dual-tone leather dashboard, GPS navigation, and xenon headlamps.

In terms of safety, it has an ABS braking system, dual airbags, traction control, stability control, and power brake assistance.

Bentley Continental GT Convertible

The Bentley Continental GT Convertible costs AED 945,000 for the base model. Rent a Bentley in Dubai, and you will get 2 engine options to choose from, i.e. a 4-liter engine and a 6-liter engine. It has features like ABS braking, a center console box, adaptive headlamps, a dual-tone dashboard, power windows, etc.

Bentley competes with cars like Mercedes Benz S Class Cabriolet, Rolls Royce Dawn, Aston Martin Vanquish Volante, and BMW M6 Convertible.

Rolls Royce Ghost

The luxurious Rolls Royce Ghost costs around AED 1,200,000 and comes with a 6.75-liter twin-turbocharged engine to give you 571 HP power. Its suspension system and all-wheel steering gives you the comfort of riding in Dubai. The interiors are beautifully crafted with pure leather that is stitched by hand. It has an auto park system with a touchscreen, wireless Apple CarPlay, a road recognition system, power windows, and ABS braking. Luxury car rental in Dubai offers a bespoke collection of Rolls Royce Ghosts to select from.

“At 60 miles an hour the loudest noise in this Rolls Royce is the ticking of the electric clock” – David Ogilvy

Lamborghini Huracan EVO Spyder

The brand new Lamborghini Huracan EVO Spyder costs AED 1,400,000 and comes with a 5.2-liter engine generating 640 HP and 600 Nm torque. Its standard features include ABS, Auto Headlamps, Map reading lamps, and leather seats. Other features include an adaptive suspension package, acceleration skid control, DRL lights, automatic climate control AC, and electric door mirrors. All of these features in total will really give you a comfortable and stylish ride in Dubai.

Mercedes Benz Maybach

It costs AED 945,000 and comes with a 6-liter turbocharged engine with a 9-speed auto transmission. The Mercedes comes with a complete panoramic sunroof and chrome-plated grilles, it gives an astonishing look to the viewers while driving. It comes with a 3D surround music system, night view display in the LCD gauge cluster, extended calf support, cooling seat, etc. The Maybach also has a Magic Body Control system to find the upcoming bumps and adjust the suspensions for a smooth ride. It also has a dedicated space to keep 3 chilled bottles.

Benefits of renting a luxury or sports car in Dubai

Every month millions of visitors are flock to Dubai to close their business deals or to visit different attractions. No matter what the reason is behind your trip the UAE, renting a car in Dubai is a far better proposition than going around in public transport or taxis.

Rolls Royce car rental dubai

Still not sure if you should hire a luxury vehicle? Here are some reasons to convince you to get behind the wheels of an exotic car:

  • Reliable and comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Wide range of cars to choose from
  • Convenient
  • Easier long-distance travel
  • Makes an impression
  • Prestigious models

Reliable and comfortable

When you have your own luxury rental car in Dubai, you will be able to enjoy high-class comfort. No matter where you have to go or how many times you have to stop on your way to your destination, you can do that with luxury rental cars without any hassle.


Renting an exotic car in Dubai might sound expensive at first, but it is not. With rental services, you can hire exotic sports cars at the beast deals. If you hire a taxi, you are going to be charged on the basis of the distance covered. But when you rent a car from us, you will pay a fixed amount of money, and it doesn’t matter how much distance you are covering.

We are a car rental company that will give you the option to choose from a wide range of cars. From Ferrari to Bugatti, our car rental will let you choose from hundreds of exotic cars in our fleet.


Another reason to rent a luxury car in Dubai is that it is convenient. It is easier than hiring public transport. At times public transport can be difficult to find, especially during the peak seasons. Nevertheless, when you get your hands on a luxury car rental in Dubai, you don’t have to worry about getting a taxi.

Easier long-distance travel

With taxis and various other transport modes, there are limitations on the route they can run. For instance, you might not be able to travel conveniently to Sharjah or Abu Dhabi on public transport, such as a taxi. When you opt for a luxury car rental in Dubai, you don’t have any such concerns to worry about. You can visit these places or even go further, comfortably in your own rental car.

Makes an impression

If you are traveling for business, a supercar rental in Dubai will help you in creating a positive impression. It is crucial that you present yourself well in front of your clients or business partners since the first impression you create is what matters. So, create an impression that will last for a lifetime with a good dressing sense and by traveling in a luxury car.

Prestigious models

Driving a luxury rental car is undoubtedly going to make you look classy. It will deliver the impression that you are successful and have a good taste in cars. As we said, when you are meeting your clients, image is all that matters, and driving a luxurious car will give you a prestigious feel from within. Hence, you tend to feel more comfortable.

When you hear Dubai, you often think of wealth, opulence, and stunning cars of a different kind. It can be a lifetime opportunity to go around in a luxury rental car and explore the city in style.

Enjoy the best of Dubai in your luxurious sports car

With the impeccable and gorgeous highways of Dubai, it is natural that you are going to be tempted to take out the sportscar you have rented from the best supercar rental in Dubai. If you love road trips, you are surely in for a treat. Just lower the car windows and feel the breeze while cruising.

Dubai is home to some of the most amazing attractions in the world. As you drive around in your luxurious car, you will get to visit some of the great places the city is known for.

ferrari car rental in dubai

For instance, you can drive from Dubai to Ras al-Khaimah. It is the perfect place to be for history and adventure buffs. On the other hand, if you love nature, relish the awe-striking mountains by driving to Hatta. These destinations are far away from the hustle-bustle of the city and you get to enjoy the true essence of nature.

When you are in Dubai and you have a luxurious and exotic sports car with you, you can easily travel to a place that is surrounded by breathtaking views. You can also go for an oceanic or desert getaway. Things can be really exciting when you are in your own car.

These amazing and unforgettable road trips are going to stay with you forever. It would not have been possible if you had decided to enjoy your vacation by going around on public transport.

So, renting a premium car from us will definitely be a wise decision. By renting our cars, you can have a gift of experience.

Sports car rental in Dubai

Renting a sports car in Dubai should be a part of your bucket list. The city has a history and contemporary vibe to it. But the tourist attractions are not the only thing Dubai is famous for. One of the most popular luxuries that Dubai offers is the availability of the best sports cars. So, with a sports car, you can sport an exciting ride while you are still in Dubai.

When you rent a Lamborghini from our luxury car rental in Dubai, you can certainly enjoy the trip of your lifetime. Let’s give you a few reasons to go with a supercar rental in Dubai.

Makes you fall in love with driving

If you have hated driving and dreaded your commute to work, getting a sports car will surely rekindle your love for the road yet again. As you sit in traffic, you will get admiring glances from the onlookers. It makes all the difference.

As you drive down the lanes of Dubai in your sports car, you are going to enjoy the drive.

Flaunt it

You might have used regular cars until now but when you are on a vacation, you should treat yourself to luxury. It is time you drive a luxurious sports car and flaunt it. A sports car is the most practical choice of car that will surely increase your credibility. It can be highly useful when you are in Dubai, on a business trip. You are working hard all year, you deserve it.

lamborghini car rental in uae

Drive quality

Sports cars are known for their performance. These vehicles have been created with functionality and style in mind. If you compare the driving experience of a sports car to regular cars, you can easily gauge the difference. With the sports car, you can make the turns of Dubai roads much easier. In fact, the level of driving control it offers cannot be found in other larger vehicles.

Says a lot about as a person

For some people owning a sports car is a dream and they might have fantasized about it for several years. With a hot and sleek design, they are not simply beautiful to look at but also come with amazing performance. When you drive these cars, you can yearn to express yourself. It doesn’t blend with the crowd and driving a sports car will give you the chance to stand out among the other riders.

Ensures a unique driving experience

If you are hiring a sports car, you can have a fun driving experience in comparison to any other kind of vehicle. As you sit behind the wheels driving, there is no denying the fact that you are going to experience stunning all-around performance. With a Ferrari rental in Dubai, you can expect superior performance and high horsepower. It ensures a smoother ride. Every sports car comes with its own personality.

Enjoy the emirates with an exotic SUV

The UAE has gone a long way in enhancing the living standards of people. Dubai has a high standard of living. In fact, the city has ranked 23 in the 26th Annual Cost of Living Survey by Mercer for 2020. By renting a luxury car, you can show off your high living standards. One of the best exotic cars you can rent in the UAE is an SUV. Not only does it show your high-class but is also the most comfortable car to travel in.

SUVs have become increasingly popular in recent times. It is comfortable to drive around. Whether you want to drive off to the desert or want to enjoy the long highways, SUVs can be a great choice. These vehicles are highly practical and also stylish. It exudes elegance and class.

The 4 most exotic SUVs to hire

If you are confused as to which are the best SUVs to hire in Dubai, check the list below.

  • Lamborghini Urus
  • Maserati Levante
  • Bentley Bentayga
  • Mercedes Benz Brabus G63

Lamborghini Urus

The Lamborghini Urus is not your typical SUV. It can take over uncharted terrains. As per the Italian carmaker, Urus can handle rough terrains without any hassle. Lamborghini has merged the luxurious look of a sports car with the functionality of the SUV. The car is powered by a twin-turbo V-8 engine that produces 650 hp and can propel the car to a top speed of 190 mph. The performance, design, and driving dynamics work effortlessly into the car’s visionary approach.

With an Urus, you will be able to ride on any terrain smoothly. Surely, it is an all-rounder super sports SUV.   The car will give you a way to express yourself. By driving this car, you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest. It lets you unlock the road and unlock your personality. Urus has claimed the name of the fastest SUV in the world.

We will give you various color options and you can choose the one that you prefer the most.

Maserati Levante

The Maserati Levante has the flair and muscle that you need during your luxurious Dubai trip. It comes with a twin-turbo V-6 base engine. Its cabin exudes ultimate poshness. The car has been layered with only fine materials.  Also, the impressive performance speaks volumes about the car. It is one of the most luxurious crossovers that is powered 350 horsepower and drives power to all four wheels through the eight-speed automatic car.

At first glance, the car is going to appear well-appointed and rich. It has a leather-covered dashboard, open-pore wood trim, luxurious-looking chrome accents, and a conventional Maserati analog clock.

The controls of the car are functional and are much better than what other exotic SUVs have to offer. Surely, Levante has been set up for spirited motoring. Just as a pair of Balenciaga, Levante can put a great emphasis on your style.

The Levante is Maserati’s first SUV. Its elegant details are sure to impress every onlooker. When you are riding the car, you will make everyone go green with envy.

Bentley Bentayga

Bentley’s first-ever SUV, the Bentayga comes with a twin-turbocharged W12 engine. It carries forward the primary elements that are quite quintessential in Bentley’s, such as the chrome grille at the front portion.

No doubt, the interior of Bentley Bentayga has a high-class design. The cabin is snug and opulent. There is generous room for the passengers. The dimensions of the SUV can easily intimidate its rivals. It makes the rider look stylish. One of the most striking elements of the SUV is the lines on the bonnet and flanks that lend character to the exteriors. The wheels are large and make the car look luxurious.

Whether you are in the driver seat or the passenger seat, the plush interior gives a premium feel. With luxury car rental in Dubai, you can drive the premium SUV by Bentley at a great price.

Mercedes Benz Brabus G63

If you are looking for a luxurious SUV with incredible performance, the Mercedes Benz Brabus G63 is the car to rent for your upcoming trip. Brabus takes Mercedes-Benz to new heights. It has the unique style and superb performance of Mercedes vehicles. But apart from being stylish, it is also quite safe to ride. As you drive down the highways of Dubai, your vehicle is going to look exclusive and posh.

Mercedes Benz Brabus G63 can go anywhere and go fast. With this car, you will be able to elevate your driving experience. And at our rental service, you can find more bang for your buck. We make sure that you have a convenient and pleasant experience with the Mercedes Benz Brabus G63.

Chauffeur service – hire a professional chauffeur for your luxury car

Don’t know how to drive? Don’t worry! You can hire a chauffeur to drive you around in your luxury car. You can book a reliable chauffeur at the lowest price in Dubai. When you hire a chauffeur, you can relax in complete comfort while you are being driven around by a professional.

You can get the best-on-ground transportation service with a chauffeur 24/7. We have the most experienced drivers who can easily handle the luxury cars we rent out. Our drivers certainly the most dependable chauffeurs in the UAE.

luxury car chauffer service

You can hire chauffeurs on an hourly basis or for the whole day. However, you can also hire them for your entire trip. Our expert drivers will surely get you to your destination in complete comfort and ease.

If you opt for luxury car rental in Dubai with a driver, you don’t have to deal with the fuss of delayed taxis or Uber. Our fixed rates ensure you know what you are paying. A rental car with a driver ascertains a first-rate car service, which will help in tackling unfamiliar streets or the city traffic regulations. So, you can reach your destination on time, every time.

Our chauffeurs have knowledge of the local roads and can follow the GPS system installed in the cars. We provide the most comfortable range of vehicles that will cater to your travel requirements.

8 reasons why you should consider luxury car rental in Dubai

No doubt, Dubai is one of the most popular cities in the world. It is called the city of Gold and for a good reason. The city trades in high volumes of gold. Dubai is popular as the Middle East’s shopping capital. With time, the presence of large malls and companies has only skyrocketed.

So, renting a car in Dubai is something you need to consider as it will help you cover all the attractions of the city.

Many travelers often ask what is the best way to travel in Dubai. Well, we are going to take a look at a few of the reasons why luxury car hire in Dubai is your best option:

It’s affordable

At sports car rental Dubai, you can get your favorite cars at an affordable cost. So, irrespective of the budget you have, our rental service makes sure you can drive away in style. Also, if you are lucky, you can avail yourself of special bonuses and discounts. This makes renting cars in Dubai affordable and convenient.

So, the affordability of the rentals is one of the primary reasons to rent a car in Dubai.

A wide range of cars to make your choice

Another reason to go for an exotic car rental in Dubai is that you can choose from a wide range of options. Whether you would be renting a Rolls Royce Dubai or a Ferrari, we are going to provide you with ample choices. Each of these comes with various features and looks incredible. So, it can easily satisfy your desires. Moreover, since you can rent a new car every day, it makes your vacation even more enjoyable.

Offers a comfortable ride

Renting a car in Dubai is going to offer so much more comfort than the local public transportation system. If you are using public transport, you might have to travel with strangers. This can make the ride uncomfortable. You are in Dubai for a vacation and you should pamper yourself in every way possible. Hiring a luxurious car is one way to do that.

When you rent your own car, you can relax and be satisfied with the ride. The high comfort level that these exotic cars offer is another reason for you to rent a car in Dubai.

Opens the door to adventure

Many attractions and places await to be enjoyed in Dubai. You have to navigate around the city to enjoy and experience its magnificence. Also, you can visit the attractive sights located on the outskirts of Dubai.

rent Bentley in dubai

Dubai has several advanced cableways, parks, lively racetracks, ski resorts, and shopping venues. In the meantime, you will also get to enjoy some cobblestone streets or beaches. With ample shopping malls to explore in Dubai, it has turned out to be the best shopping destination in the Middle East.

But what really matters is the journey and not the destination. By hiring a luxurious car in Dubai, you can have a thrilling experience. The Dubai roads are ultra-modern. Moreover, all roads are also well placed. Hence, you are going to experience the thrill of sports or luxurious cars as you drive at full speed.

Makes it easier to travel long distances

You can use the public transportation system in the city. However, you might not be able to hire them when you travel out of the city. So, how do you visit the attractions placed on the outskirts of the city? Well, you rent an exotic car.

For example, if you have to visit the breathtaking desert landscape of the city or if you have to travel to Abu Dhabi, luxury car rentals in Dubai  offer services that will be available to you at all times. You can avail these rental services to travel to your destination comfortably without the hassle.

Ensures high-level of convenience

When you rent a sports car in Dubai, it ensures a high level of convenience. As you are constantly traveling from one place to another during your vacation or business trip, you will always have the car available for you. There is no need to wait and look for public transport.

Stylish designs leave a great impression

Sports car rental in Dubai gives you the option to choose from a wide range of cars. These cars have a stylish and chic appearance. Whenever you are behind the wheels of these exotic cars, all eyes are going to be on you. So, you have to get used to being stared at from all angles by the onlookers.

No matter if you are meeting an admirer or a client, you are going to leave a great impression with the car. A luxurious car makes you look classy and stylish. When you are meeting a client, you can make a great impression right from the beginning. Settle for one of the sports or luxurious cars in Dubai and begin planning your trip.

No need to depend on public transport

It can be stressful and time-consuming to avail public transport in Dubai. Moreover, looking for public transport every time you go out can be a bit of a hassle. With a car rental, you don’t have to depend on public transport anymore. You can enjoy the city at your own pace and travel from one place to the other with complete ease.

Our car rental services will allow you to book a car easily. You can get your desired car delivered to your hotel doorstep or the airport. Car rentals offer more ease and reliability than the public transportation system as no matter where you travel, you know your car is waiting for you.

Rent a luxury car in Dubai to have an unforgettable experience

Want to have a trip of a lifetime? Opting for exotic cars offered by a luxury car rental in Dubai can be the best way to go about it. It will make sure you have an unforgettable experience.  There is no feeling like sitting behind the wheels of a premium high-end car and driving on the open road. The fresh air and the scenic beauty of this breathtaking country are going to engulf you. In fact, the feeling only amplifies if you are in a sports car.

Bentley Betayga interior

For car enthusiasts there is nothing better than a sports car ride when you are in Dubai. It can not only help you create the right impression but also makes you have the most comfortable experience. Safety is of primary importance when you are traveling in Dubai. Using public transport means taking on certain risks. Nevertheless, a car rental in Dubai can ensure that you have a safe experience.

Sure, you can get a regular rental car but luxury and sports car rentals in Dubai are more stylish and comfortable. So, supercar hire Dubai means you will be able to travel in complete opulence and style. The seating and the extra features along with the exquisite feel behind the steering wheel make it an exceptional driving experience.

Frequently asked questions about luxury car rental in Dubai

What are the requirements to book a luxury car in Dubai?

To rent a car in Dubai, you have to be at least 21 years old and hold a valid driver’s license.

Is it worth renting a luxury car in Dubai?

Renting a luxury car in Dubai helps you save time since public transport options are not very time-efficient. On top of that, it allows you to get the luxurious feel that the city of Dubai has to offer.

Where can I go with my chauffeur-driven luxury car?

With our chauffeur service, you can travel anywhere you want within the UAE. We aim to make your time in Dubai comfortable and luxurious.

What is the cancellation policy for a luxury car booking in Dubai?

You can easily cancel your car rental 24 hours before the trip and get a refund. In case you are booking a trip with a notice of less than 24 hours, you have an hour after booking to cancel and get a refund. If you are canceling after the expiry of the cancellation period, you will be charged a cancellation fee.

What to do if I encounter problems with my rental car?

Easy! Just inform us about the problems and we will take care. If you are far away from our store, just call us and our agents will be able to help.

Is it possible to extend the rental beyond the initial return date?

In case the car is already booked by other customers, we will be happy to exchange your car with another one. If it is not booked, we can definitely extend the rental period.

What if I encounter an accident and the rental car is damaged?

Don't worry! Just get some first aid and immediately report the incident to the police. Then, give us a call so that we can send one of our managers to the scene of the incident.

Do I have to pay a security deposit for renting a luxury car?

Yes, you are required to pay a refundable security deposit to our agency. This amount will help us in case of damage to the car, RTA fines, and car theft.