Ferrari Roma Red
2021 Ferrari Roma Red
Speed 320 KM / Hour
Doors 2 doors
Horsepower 612
AED 4,500 / Per Day
Ferrari Roma Black
2021 Ferrari Roma Black
Speed 320 KM / Hour
Doors 2 doors
Horsepower 612
AED 5,500 / Per Day
Ferrari F8 Tributo Spider 2021
2021 Ferrari F8 Tributo Spider 2021
Speed 339 KM / Hour
Doors 2 doors
Horsepower 710
AED 5,000 / Per Day
Ferrari 488 Spider Red
2019 Ferrari 488 Spider Red
Speed 325 KM / Hour
Doors 2 doors
Horsepower 670
AED 3,500 / Per Day
Ferrari 488 Pista Spider
2018 Ferrari 488 Pista Spider
Speed 340 KM / Hour
Doors 2 doors
Horsepower 710
AED 5,500 / Per Day

A Complete Guide to Rent a Ferrari in Dubai

Do you also have a big dream of driving an exotic Ferrari? Well, driving supercars developed by the brand that manufactured the first exotic car is probably everyone’s dream. Almost all car enthusiasts have fallen in love with this exotic vehicle brand. Ferrari has evolved tremendously and has maintained an amazing brand for those who want the best in performance and design. This manufacturing giant has always proved its worth by offering quality vehicles with perfection. 

If you live in Dubai and want to experience the royal vibrance of this city by driving your own car, you should definitely rent a Ferrari in Dubai. Ferrari cars are designed and developed by the top legal methenolone enanthate online in usa skilled professionals, including designers and mechanics. This precisely put-together car is an undeniable beauty that many car enthusiasts prefer. Moreover, if you are someone who wants a comfortable ride in Dubai, then “rent Ferrari Dubai” would be the best option for you. Ferrari has generated a huge fan base all over the world, including Dubai. 

If you wish to have a luxury ride in Dubai, “rent Ferrari Dubai” can be your best bet. Whether you want one for a corporate event or for your wedding, you will easily get a top luxury car at your doorstep. Ferrari is a world-famous brand, and rent Ferrari Dubai is a trusted name among the people who do not have their own car. Reach out to us and rent a luxury car that you like the most. This guide contains all the information related to Ferrari rental in Dubai. Whether you want a car with chauffeur or without chauffeur, renting a Ferrari in the city of supercars seems like the best option. 

Here we are going to discuss some useful information related to renting a luxury car in Dubai. Both tourists and residents will find this guide useful as it contains information suitable for all. All you have to do is to place an appointment with the “rent Ferrari Dubai” and choose a car that you are amazed at. To make the process of your Ferrari renting easier and memorable, we have explained all the necessary steps and procedures in this guide. Let us take a detailed look at all these points and know which Ferrari is the best. 

About The Italian Supercar Brand Ferrari 

Ferrari has been in the automobile industry since 1939. Enzo Ferrari founded this company in 1939, and even after that, he devoted his entire life to designing and developing sports cars. At that time, there were no other supercars, and hence Ferrari was a sensation of that era. Even now, despite having a huge number of new and old luxury car brands, Ferrari is always everyone’s first choice. Ferrari built its first car, the Auto Avio Costruzioni, in 1947, which was designed and developed by the founder Enzo Ferrari. By the end of the 50s, Ferrari became a popular name all over the world. 

Between 2000-2010, Ferrari experienced spectacular success as a sports car manufacturing brand. In 2002, Ferrari officially inaugurated its first Ferrari Store in Maranello. Later, the company opened several stores in other countries as well. Currently, Ferrari is reaching several new markets and rapidly expanding its business to a whole new level. Ferrari boosted its presence in some of the prominent emerging markets such as China, Japan, and Middle East countries.

Even in the US, UK, and German markets, where it was already operating, the sports car manufacturer rapidly consolidated its position. Ferrari has manufactured several models that deliver a superior standard of performance and comfort. Thousands of workers have put their skills and expertise to make Ferrari what it is today. 

Ferrari is undoubtedly the most popular sports car manufacturer in the world. Everyone dreams of owning one, but that dream shatters when we see the price tag attached to this exotic product. Well, neither can you reduce the price nor go out of your budget just to own a car. This is why “rent Ferrari Dubai” is the best option to fulfill your dream while staying within your budget. 

Why is Ferrari the Most Successful Car Manufacturer in Dubai? 

Ferrari has gained immense popularity in the Middle East countries, including Dubai. The Emirates is an important market for this high-priced and luxury car brand. In fact, this Italian car manufacturer has always been more exclusive than its competitor companies. Even though many cars with advanced features entered the market, for many of us, Ferrari is still a dream car. 

The brand that does not need any introduction, Ferrari, has achieved unmatchable glory and fame in the automobile industry. Currently, neither it has the most powerful nor the fastest car in the market. However, these iconic red-colored cars of Ferrari are still considered legendary ones. There is something really special about this Italian car manufacturer brand that people spend a fortune on so that they can only get their hands on one of its exotic models. 

One thing that automatically comes to people’s minds after hearing the word “Ferrari” is racing. This sport is widely popular in Dubai, and hence the powerhouse of racing “Ferrari” is one of the classics on the roads of Dubai. Here we are going to talk about its popularity in one of the wealthiest cities in the world. There is no denying that Dubai is a hub of luxury and sports cars. In fact, Dubai is considered a perfect destination for car racing events as it has some extra facilities for this sport. Let us take a look at the reasons behind the popularity of Ferrari in Dubai.

The Brand Name “Ferrari”

Ferrari is a legendary brand that creates fast and exclusive supercars. The majority of people know Ferrari because of its name. Even though they do not know the features of a particular car, they trust the whole Ferrari franchise. With its exclusive and limited car collection, Ferrari has developed a legendary brand since its very beginning. Ferrari had developed some classic models that showed Italian excellence. Moreover, Dubai has all the facilities that a supercar like Ferrari would need. Ferrari is popular in Dubai for its unique design, performance, innovations, technology, and driving pleasure. Among its models, the Ferrari GTC4Lusso is the most famous model in Dubai. 

Ferrari Is In The List of Dubai Police Fleet

Any car will certainly grab the attention of the public when it is used by the top police personnel in the city. Dubai Police is well-known for its luxury car collection, including Ferrari and other top manufacturing brands. They have included the Ferrari FF in their fleet. This car is a four-wheel-drive model and has a unique styling method. Ferrari FF has the potential to accelerate from 0 to 200 Kmph in just 3.7 seconds. This car is one of the fastest vehicles with four seats. With such fast cars, Dubai Police is always ready to beat crime in the city with speed. 

Design With Comfort 

When it comes to styling and design, Ferrari car models are second to none. The bodywork of these cars is elegant and equipped with aerodynamic features. The new models of Ferrari sell even before these are ready to get on the roads. If you are someone who loves classic cars, then Ferrari is certainly what you need. The sleek look and structure of these cars make them timeless and an excellent way to make your journey better and memorable. The more design with the comfort you choose, the more you have to pay for it. This is why many people in Dubai prefer renting a Ferrari. 

The Logo Does Its Magic

There are only a few automobile companies whose logos are popular. Well, there is no logo as iconic as the logo of this Italian car manufacturer. Many people know Ferrari by its logo. The Prancing Horse of Ferrari is something which is compared to Audi’s four rings. Ferrari’s unique logo – the Prancing Horse, has attracted many car enthusiasts and is in a league of its own. One of the reasons behind the popularity of Ferrari is the brand recognition that it has developed in Dubai. The Prancing horse of Ferrari has become its trademark and represents both grace and power.

Success in Car Racing

Ferrari makes people turn their heads on the track. The success that Ferrari got in car racing has contributed to its widespread popularity. Sports cars by Ferrari not only win the race but also excite people with sounds and design. Ferrari has competed in many World Championship events since its beginning. In fact, the brand was launched to satisfy the needs of car racing enthusiasts. You can predict the success of Ferrari in the field of car racing by just knowing the fact that in the past 50 years, it has won over 200 races. Now, the consistent races won by Ferrari sports cars have satisfied many people both in Dubai and in other countries. 

Top Ferrari Car Models to Rent in Dubai 

Ferrari always aims to deliver one less car than demand. This is because the brand wants to keep maintaining its exclusivity. Car enthusiasts have an emotional connection with this Italian sports car manufacturer. When they are unable to buy one, renting their favorite Ferrari model is the best option for them. Basically, in all these years, Ferrari has built a strong emotional connection with its customers and fans. People admire those who are good at things they like the most. The same thing applies to the Ferrari as people love this brand because it has provided them with excellent design, racing capabilities, and unmatchable performance. 

Do you reside in Dubai and want to step out of your house in your favorite luxury car? But unable to afford one? Then, explore the different models of Ferrari available for rent in Dubai and select your next ride. Check below the complete list of Ferrari cars available for rent in Dubai.

Ferrari 488 GTB 

Ferrari 488 GTB comes with extreme performance and great aerodynamics. This car is one of the top models manufactured by Ferrari. The car was introduced as the replacement for the Ferrari 458. This car has features like a top speed of 330 Km/h, 670 CV maximum power, and a mid-rear V8 engine. You can easily rent a Ferrari 488 GTB in Dubai as many car rental services have this luxury car in their store. 

Ferrari California 

If you want elegance, exclusivity, and sportiness in one single car, then you must rent a Ferrari California in Dubai. This car has a powerful and classic soundtrack that makes people turn their heads on the roads of Dubai. The car impresses everyone with its sleek design and top-notch performance. Ferrari California has a top speed of 196 mph, 560 CV maximum power, and a V8 engine. Whether you wish to go on a road trip with your friend or attend a business meeting, Ferrari California can make your journey more memorable than ever. 

Ferrari 458 Italia

This single model of Ferrari has alone won over 30 international awards in its career. The V8 of this exotic car was once voted as the “Best Performance Engine.” Ferrari 458 Italia is well-known for its style and outstanding braking distances. This popular model of Ferrari has features like a top speed of more than 325 Km/h, 570 CV maximum power, and multiple award-winning V8 engines. Ferrari 458 Italia is one of the popular choices of people in Dubai when they think of renting an exotic car. 

Ferrari Portofino

Another popular model of Ferrari that people from all over the globe adore is the Ferrari Portofino. The car has sporty but elegant features that attract fans of Ferrari. Ferrari Portofino has a maximum power of 620 CV and a V8 engine. This engine of Ferrari Portofino belongs to the V8 turbo family, which was also voted as the “International Engine of the Year.” You can even rent this luxury sports car while in Dubai. 

Rent a Ferrari California in Dubai

Ferrari is a successful car manufacturer that has built a strong connection with its customers. Whether you want to try a Ferrari Portofino or a Ferrari California, renting would be the best option for enhancing your driving experience in Dubai. The city has a huge demographic of car lovers, and this is why you can see different types of luxury and sports cars here. Ferrari California and Ferrari Portofino are the two most affordable cars of this Italian car manufacturer.

Also, when it comes to high-priced luxury cars, renting a car makes sense. You can rent a Ferrari California in Dubai at the most affordable price. If you are still confused about whether to rent a car or not, we have listed some reasons that tell you how “rent Ferrari Dubai” can save you from many things. 

Reasons Why You Should Rent a Ferrari in Dubai

There are many reasons that justify why renting a high-priced car like Ferrari is better than other options. Let us take a quick look at these reasons to rent a Ferrari in Dubai. 

Affordable Price

Car rental services in Dubai allow both residents and tourists to rent a Ferrari at an affordable price. Even if you do not have enough money to spend, you can still drive your favorite model of Ferrari. Renting a Ferrari in Dubai is extremely cheap and affordable. Car rental services in Dubai will charge you based on the distance covered and the duration for which you have rented the car. Due to affordable prices and easy availability, it makes more sense to rent an exotic car like Ferrari in Dubai. 

Convenient Way To Travel

If you are a tourist in Dubai, you might have to take public transport to travel from one place to another. Moreover, you will also face difficulty as you may not know everything in and out of the city. In this case, renting a car can be more helpful to you. Ferrari rental services in Dubai will help you remove such worries. You can rent a Ferrari and can also hire a chauffeur along with the car. Traveling with skilled and professional drivers can make your journey better and easier. Skilled chauffeurs can take you from one place to another and guide you to explore the city. Some residents also do not prefer traveling via public transport. So renting a Ferrari in Dubai is helpful for both residents and tourists. 

Luxury Driving Experience 

When it comes to experiencing the feel of driving a luxury car, renting is probably the best solution. You may like more than one luxury car and wish to drive all of them. Now, it does not make sense to buy every single one of them unless you are the richest person in the world. The budget constraint stops every car enthusiast from buying their favorite luxury cars. Not everyone can afford such high-priced luxury and sports cars. Even if you are able to afford a Ferrari, you might find it difficult to regularly maintain this Italian beauty and take up an extra headache. This is why renting a car can be helpful to you. You can rent a Ferrari in Dubai while enjoying holidays or while attending a business meeting. 

The policy of Renting Ferrari in Dubai

When you think of renting a Ferrari in Dubai or any other city, it is important to understand the policies around it. Every car rental service in Dubai has different policies for renting a Ferrari. Mostly for high-priced luxury cars like Ferrari, car rentals have some strict policies. Every person who wants to rent a Ferrari in Dubai must take care of the following things: 

  • Insurance policies such as personal effects covers, loss damage waiver, and personal accident insurance.  
  • Essential documents such as driving license, passport, ID, etc. 
  • The age criteria for renting a Ferrari in Dubai is 21 years. However, many car rentals have different age criteria. 
  • Security deposits for renting an exotic car like Ferrari are usually high. 
  • You should inspect the car before making payment. Make sure to check the working conditions and then rent it. 

Cheap Ferrari For Rent in Dubai

It is true that when you own a vehicle, you have full rights over it and can even customize it as per your needs. However, these rights and facilities certainly have some drawbacks that you can get rid of by renting the same car. When you visit a showroom to buy a car, you may get a brief test drive with the dealer. But, that time is certainly not enough for analyzing the possible pros and cons of that car. While purchasing anything that is high-priced, we make sure that we are getting the best kind of returns on the investment. 

Contrary to that, when you rent a luxury car, you get to select one from a wide range of available options. You can rent a car for days or a week and check if this is suitable for you. All you have to do is hire the car for a weekend and find out. You can also compare two cars by renting them one by one and deciding which one to go for. Car rental companies in Dubai will give you a well-maintained Ferrari which can take you to your destination. Aside from these benefits, if you rent a Ferrari in Dubai, you do not have to pay for insurance, taxes, maintenance, and garage services. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Renting a Ferrari in Dubai

Can I rent a Ferrari in Dubai?

Yes, anyone who has a love for cars but is unable to afford one can easily rent a Ferrari in Dubai. You can rent a Ferrari in Dubai for a day or a week, as per your requirements. As long as you keep the car in good condition, you can take it to different places within Dubai.

How much does it cost to rent a Ferrari in Dubai?

The cost of renting a Ferrari in Dubai depends on a wide range of factors. You can make payments by both card and cash. The distance traveled by you and for how long you keep the car with you tells the cost of renting a Ferrari in Dubai. Car rental services in some cities charge a whopping amount of cash; Dubai has places that offer cheap Ferrari for rent. If you are in Dubai, renting a Ferrari will be worth the money you spend. The price also depends on what model of Ferrari you are renting.

Can I drive a rented Ferrari from one city to another?

Yes, you can drive a rented Ferrari from one Emirates to another. Some car rental services in Dubai have their stores in different cities. Such car rental services may also allow you to rent a car in Dubai and drive to another Emirate where you can return the car.

How does it feel to drive a Ferrari?

We have asked many Ferrari lovers, and the one thing which was common in their answers was “self-satisfaction.” That feeling when you know that you can easily rent a Ferrari in Dubai and drive this extravagant car on your own terms is certainly unmatchable. If you are looking to impress during business meetings, then renting a Ferrari can be an effective solution. Driving a Ferrari in one of the wealthiest cities in the world is surely a memorable experience for everyone.

What are the best places to drive a rental Ferrari in Dubai?

The city of Dubai had transformed itself from an oil-dependent destination to a luxury travel and business hub. The city hosts many iconic places where you can visit in a rental Ferrari car. Whether you are a tourist or a resident, car rental services can help you hire a Ferrari with a skilled chauffeur who will take you to the best places in Dubai.

What is the best place to rent a Ferrari in Dubai?

Dubai is a hub of supercars and car rental services. When it comes to renting an exotic supercar and taking it on the roads, Dubai is considered heaven. This city has smooth and beautiful roads with amazing picturesque scenery that every traveler in the world loves. You can choose the best Ferrari rental service in Dubai and rent your favorite Ferrari model. Make sure to check the availability of models of Ferrari before you proceed to rent at any car rental service.