Mercedes S500 2021
2021 Mercedes S500 2021
Speed 250 KM / Hour
Doors 4 doors
Horsepower 442
AED 1,800 / Per Day
Mercedes Benz Maybach 650
2020 Mercedes Benz Maybach 650
Speed 250 KM / Hour
Doors 4 doors
Horsepower 503
AED 2,890 / Per Day
Mercedes Benz GT63S
2021 Mercedes Benz GT63S
Speed 304 KM / Hour
Doors 4 doors
Horsepower 476
AED 2,155 / Per Day
Mercedes Benz G63
2021 Mercedes Benz G63
Speed 240 KM / Hour
Doors 4 doors
Horsepower 577
AED 2,500 / Per Day
Mercedes Benz G6 Black
2020 Mercedes Benz G6 Black
Speed 220 KM / Hour
Doors 4 doors
Horsepower 595
AED 2,300 / Per Day
Mercedes Benz G Class G63 White
2021 Mercedes Benz G Class G63 White
Speed 240 KM / Hour
Doors 4 doors
Horsepower 577
AED 2,500 / Per Day
Mercedes Benz G Class G63 Grey
2021 Mercedes Benz G Class G63 Grey
Speed 240 KM / Hour
Doors 4 doors
Horsepower 577
AED 2,500 / Per Day
Mercedes Benz AMG GTR Pro
2019 Mercedes Benz AMG GTR Pro
Speed 313 KM / Hour
Doors 2 doors
Horsepower 585
AED 3,500 / Per Day

Mercedes Rental Dubai – it’s everything you could ask for

When we picture Dubai, one of the first things that come to mind is driving around Downtown with Burj Khalifa right at your view from the windshield. With a Mercedes car rental in Dubai, you can now personally experience this and create memories that would live for a lifetime.

Mercedes cars offer the best-in-class luxury interior experience along with high-performance engines under the hood. All of this comes at great prices, thanks to the services of luxury car rental in Dubai. You can now experience the kick of that AMG engine on the streets of Dubai at a starting price of just AED 1,500 per day.

mercedes white amg sports car
Our website allows you to rent Mercedes in Dubai with just a few clicks. Just select the model that you would like to drive and decide on the number of days that you would want to spend with it. Once the reservation is made online, you can choose to get the car delivered at your doorsteps or you can pick it up from one of our premium dealerships.

Rent Mercedes in Dubai – All your options

Dubai is a city where people come to live a luxurious lifestyle. And what could be a better start than driving top-tier luxury Mercedes cars? While looking for a Mercedes car hire in Dubai, you have plenty of options to choose from.

Want the most powerful engine? You cannot go wrong with AMG rent-a-car Dubai. Looking for a luxurious experience? Look no further than the Mercedes Maybach. You will be overwhelmed with the sheer amount of options. Here are the most popular models:

  • Mercedes G-class
  • Mercedes C-class
  • Mercedes E-class
  • Mercedes S-class
  • Mercedes AMG
  • Mercedes Maybach

Mercedes G-class

Mercedes G-class gives you the ultimate experience of being in Dubai. The luxury 5-seater SUV models even offer off-roading capabilities so that you can have the time of your life in the streets as well as the deserts of Dubai. The vehicle comes with a 2925cc engine and it has a boot space of 480 liters.

mercedes g63 g wagon suv for rent in dubai

Mercedes C-class

Under the C-class, you will find some of the most luxurious Mercedes cars. There are executive convertibles, station wagons, sedans, and coupes under this collection. Thanks to the car rental Dubai Mercedes collection offered by our website, you can now drive in style in the streets of Dubai.

Mercedes E-class

For all the executive travelers out there, the Mercedes E-class would be the perfect pick if you are looking to have some fun roaming around the UAE. The E-class offers several powerful engine variants. Your options are not just limited to a turbocharged 4 or 6 cylinder option but you can also explore the twin-turbo V8 as well.

Mercedes S-class

If you want a vehicle that exudes style even from afar, then rent a Mercedes S-class in Dubai. It offers a relaxing ride quality, refined powertrain, and exceptional interiors. It is also equipped with a wide range of safety features and has all the latest technology features on offer.

Mercedes AMG

In case you are looking for a sporty and high-performance Mercedes car, then you should go with the AMG rent a car Dubai. These cars have turbocharged engines, high-performance transmissions, all-wheel drive, and upgraded suspensions.

Mercedes Maybach

Most of your favorite movie stars and celebrities travel in a Maybach due to the sheer amount of luxury and comfort it offers. Now, you can travel in one too using our Mercedes rent Dubai service. It is also worth noting that Maybach is one of Mercedes’ top-of-the-line ultra-luxury sedans. Most importantly, the opulence of its interior is second to none.

Mercedes rental options in Dubai that fit your needs

When going for a Mercedes rental in Dubai, you have two lease period options; short-term and long-term. In order to get the true experience, you should go with one of our long-term options. However, if you want to drive around for a day or two, you can go with one of our short-term plans.

mercedes car rental dubai

Both short-term and long-term Mercedes rental in Dubai usually have a deposit fee that varies depending on the model you choose. This deposit will be used in case the vehicle is returned with damage.

But, suppose you rent Mercedes in Dubai and return it in pristine condition. In that case, the deposit will be returned after several business days, depending on the mode of payment you choose.

Rent a Mercedes for a day

Renting a Mercedes on a daily basis can cost anywhere from AED 1500 to AED 3300. These plans can allow you to take the car for a spin around the roads of the UAE for a couple of days. If your visit is longer than that, you can look at our weekly options.

Rent a Mercedes for a week

On a weekly basis, you can get the Mercedes Benz AMG GLE 63 Coupe for as low as AED 10,500. You can even go full throttle with the sport and luxurious AMG GTR for just AED 23,100 per week.

Rent a Mercedes monthly

You can rent Mercedes in Dubai on a monthly lease. It’s usually around AED 45,000 per month for the less sporty editions. But, there are ones with high-performance engines costing around AED 99,000 per month.

5 reasons why you should pick a Mercedes

Mercedes Benz has some of the most luxurious and sporty cars on offer. They are famous for the premium experience that their car offers. But what are the 5 most attractive things about a Mercedes that would make you want to rent it in a jiffy?

Powerful engines

For decades, Mercedes has been known for its extremely robust engines. Many of their offerings are equipped with turbocharged engines. These types of engines are more efficient because they have greater power density.


The seats and upholstery inside Mercedes vehicles are made with top-notch materials. Extra attention to detail also went to the seat design to make them comfortable for long drives. Overall, its interior is not only premium and luxurious, but it is also very comfortable.

Driver assistant technology features

Most of the Mercedes models come with some sort of driver assistance features. These features include collision avoidance technologies, Distronic Adaptive cruise control and much more.

Exceptional long-drive experience

Long drives can be a pain, but they can be more manageable when driving a Mercedes rental in Dubai. Given its excellent road performance, powerful engine, and latest technology, you won’t dread driving for hours anymore.


One of the major things that are overlooked while renting a car is the safety aspect. With high-performance cars, you need to be sure that they make you feel safe enough when you are inside the cabin.

Services included with Mercedes rental Dubai

We always ensure that our clients are satisfied with their experience. In order to do that, we ensure a top-notch service is being provided when customers rent a Mercedes in Dubai from us.

Mercedes s class rent in dubai

Doorstep delivery

You don’t have to go to the dealership or a meeting point to get your car rental Dubai Mercedes. You just have to wait in the location you indicated on your reservation form and the vehicle will be delivered to you.


You never know what will happen while driving your Mercedes rental car in Dubai. Since it’s a luxury vehicle, paying damages out of your pocket might cause a dent in your bank account. This is something that you don’t want, especially when you are on your much-awaited vacation. But, there’s no need to worry. Our rates are inclusive with comprehensive insurance that will protect you against financial liabilities in case accidents happen.

Customer support

Luxury Car Rental Dubai ensures that its clients get top-notch service and excellent customer support. You can get in touch with us through our various communication channels, and we will do our best to assist you in any way.

How to rent a Mercedes from us

We offer quick and easy Mercedes rental in Dubai for your convenience. Because of this, we are considered as one of the best luxury car rental services in the city. In order to rent a luxury Mercedes car from us, all you need is a couple of documents including a driving license or International Driving Permit and a valid copy of your visa.

If you have the required documents, just follow these steps to book your Mercedes rental in Dubai.

  • Browse through the available Mercedes cars on our website.
  • Select your desired options and choose the dates.
  • Mention the pickup and drop-off locations.
  • Submit the reservation request online.
  • You will be contacted by one of our professional agents to complete the booking process.

Frequently asked questions about Mercedes rent Dubai

How much does it cost to rent a Mercedes for a day in Dubai?

You can choose to rent a Mercedes for a day at a starting price of AED 1500 per day. We also have rental options on weekly and monthly basis.

Is the C-class better than the A-class?

The C-class is not necessarily better than the A-class. It does come with more engine options and standard features. Meanwhile, the A-class is more efficient, accessible, and packed with technology.

Which is the most attractive car from Mercedes?

One of the most attractive cars of Mercedes is the S-class sedan. It is their top-tier flagship-class made with exceptional materials and the latest tech. It is also second to none in terms of performance, luxury, and comfort.

Does driving a Mercedes in Dubai give a luxurious feel?

Definitely! Dubai is known for its excellent long roads where you can enjoy the full performance that a Mercedes vehicle has to offer.

I am not yet in Dubai. Can I get a rent a Mercedes when I land in Dubai?

Yes, you can get a rental Mercedes when you land in Dubai. Just make sure you make a reservation before landing. You can specify to have it delivered to you at the airport.

What happens if you crash a rental Mercedes in Dubai?

In case you damage a rental Mercedes car, the damages will be taken care of by the comprehensive insurance. The insurance cost is usually included in the rental fee but just would be a great practice to confirm at the time of booking in order to avoid problems later on.