Lamborghini Urus 2021 Yellow
2021 Lamborghini Urus 2021 Yellow
Speed 305 KM / Hour
Doors 2 doors
Horsepower 641
AED 3,800 / Per Day
Lamborghini Urus 2021 Green
2021 Lamborghini Urus 2021 Green
Speed 305 KM / Hour
Doors 2 doors
Horsepower 641
AED 3,980 / Per Day
Lamborghini Urus 2022 Orange
2022 Lamborghini Urus 2022 Orange
Speed 305 KM / Hour
Doors 2 doors
Horsepower 641
AED 3,600 / Per Day
Lamborghini Urus 2022 Black
2022 Lamborghini Urus 2022 Black
Speed 305 KM / Hour
Doors 2 doors
Horsepower 641
AED 3,800 / Per Day
Lamborghini Huracan STO
2022 Lamborghini Huracan STO
Speed 310 KM / Hour
Doors 2 doors
Horsepower 631
AED 15,000 / Per Day
Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Roadster
2021 Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Roadster
Speed 350 KM / Hour
Doors 2 doors
Horsepower 780
AED 10,000 / Per Day

Rent a Lamborghini in Dubai a city that spells luxury

Dubai is a noble and mesmerizing city that associates itself with a high-class lifestyle. Rent a Lamborghini Dubai not just for comfort but also to have fun in an enchanting way.

Dubai ranks 29th in the world’s ultra-wealthy cities and is a haven for rich people. It is also voted number one as the most attractive city in the Arab world, boosting lots of sightseeing sites like the Burj Khalifa. In such a city full of billionaires, you need to rent a Lamborghini Dubai to have a classic vacation.

Rent a Lamborghini in Dubai

It would be phenomenal to show up for parties and meetings in the five-star hotels with a Lamborghini parked outside the hotel. Experiencing the astonishing nightlife of Dubai in a luxurious Lamborghini is a true definition of happiness.

Drive in the streets of Marina, a wonderful place filled with five-star restaurants, modern cafes, and Boutiques, all adding up to the joy of your vacation. Other places you can show off with your Lamborghini include, the French connection and Madinat. Dubai Lamborghini rental offers you a chance to celebrate your vacation in a special way by offering multiple Lamborghini rental packages.

Rent A Lamborghini on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis

Have you been asking yourself how much is it to rent a Lamborghini? Lamborghini rental in Dubai offers a myriad of packages to fit everyone’s luxury requirements. Depending on your travel needs, you can rent a Lamborghini for an hour, a day, or a week. On some occasions, you can rent a Lamborghini for a month.

Rent a Lamborghini in Dubai price range:

  • Hourly: 900 – 1800 AED
  • Daily: 2700 – 10 000 AED
  • Weekly: 18 000 – 63 000 AED
  • Monthly: 80 000 – 12 000 AED

Below are the charges if you want to rent a Lamborghini Dubai. The price variations are due to the different types of Lamborghini and years of manufacture. For example, a Lamborghini made in 2021 is more expensive to hire than one that was manufactured in 2018.

Hourly prices for the renting a Lamborghini in Dubai

Below are the hourly rates from our Dubai Lamborghini rental collection. The newest models and high trim levels cost more compared to old models and low trim levels.

  • Lamborghini Huracan Evo Spyder – It would cost you AED 1200-1500 per hour to have this supercar
  • Lamborghini Aventador – Costs between AED 1500-1800 per hour
  • Lamborghini Huracan – The hourly rates are between AED 900 to 1200
  • Lamborghini Urus – It costs between AED 1000-1800 per hour
  • Lamborghini Huracan Evo Coupe – To hire this supercar, its costs between AED 1200 and AED 1500 per hour

Put in mind that hourly rates are more expensive because there is always a minimum charge for every car. Most packages start at 3 hours and above.

Daily prices for renting a Lamborghini in Dubai

If you want to rent a Lamborghini Dubai for a day, below are the prices. It’s worth noting that you are not allowed to exceed 250 kilometers per day. Your mileage needs to be within that distance otherwise you will be charged more.

Rent a Lamborghini in Dubai

  • Lamborghini Huracan Evo Spyder – This would cost you AED 4000 to AED 7,000 per day
  • Lamborghini Aventador – The Daily charges for this car range from AED 5000 to AED 10000
  • Lamborghini Reventón – To rent this model for a day, it will cost you between AED 3000 to AED 5000
  • Lamborghini Urus – Costs between AED 3000 to AED 6000 a day.
  • Lamborghini Elemento – This car will cost you AED 2700 to AED 6000 a day depending on the year of manufacture.

For those who would wish to rent a Lamborghini in Abu Dhabi, the prices are of the same range. The average cost in Abu Dhabi is AED 2500 per day with the latest models being more expensive than the old ones.

Weekly prices for renting a Lamborghini in Dubai

Renting a Lamborghini for a day may not be sufficient for you. The unmatched luxury, solitude, and tranquillity are just irresistible. If the 250 kilometers per day is not satisfactory for you to have enough fun, the weekly package is the appropriate choice for you.

  • Lamborghini Huracan Evo Spyder – This would cost you AED 18000 to AED 25000 per week
  • Lamborghini Aventador – The weekly charges for this car range from AED 25000 to AED 63000
  • Lamborghini Huracan – To rent this model for a week, it will cost you between AED 25000 to AED 50000
  • Lamborghini Urus – Costs between AED 25000 to AED 50000
  • Lamborghini Huracan Evo Coupe – This car will cost you AED 24700 to AED 30000 a week depending on the year of manufacture.

When it comes to Lamborghini rental Dubai prices, the type of Lamborghini, the year the Lamborghini was manufactured, and the comfort features included determine how much it costs. A Lamborghini that has enhanced comfort features costs more than an ordinary Lamborghini.

Latest models like the ones manufactured in 2021 cost more than the ones made in previous years. Dubai Lamborghini rental calculates prices based on individual requirements so that you pay for only what you are going to enjoy.

What services are not included in the rental price?

Renting a Lamborghini in Dubai doesn’t give you all the services you may need. One of them is the parking fee. Wherever you drive to, you are responsible for paying all the parking fees. In case of severe damages, all excesses would have to be covered by the person who hired the Lamborghini. Overstaying with the Lamborghini warrants an automatic overcharge. Some packages require you to fuel the car yourself.

  • Parking Fees on the places that you visit
  • Overstaying with the Lamborghini
  • Over-speeding fines on the road
  • Excess damages that may exceed the Insurance cover

When you rent a Lamborghini in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, it is better to ask for clarification on what is included and what is not so that you don’t enter frictional situations with the rental company.

The Lamborghini models available for rental

Lamborghini has a lot of models for you to choose from. All models are superb but, the most recent models are the best when it comes to comfort, style, and reliability. In Dubai, Lamborghini supercars are well maintained so your comfort and safety are guaranteed. Here are some of the models you can find in our exclusive Lamborghini rental in Dubai.

  • Lamborghini Huracan Evo Spyder
  • Lamborghini Aventador
  • Lamborghini Urus
  • Lamborghini Reventon
  • Lamborghini Sesto Elemento

If you want to hire Lamborghini Dubai, here is a detailed description of every supercar listed above to help you make the proper selection.

Lamborghini Huracan Evo Spyder

There is no better way to enjoy your tours in Dubai than to drive this 5.2L Lamborghini. Equipped with a V10 naturally aspirated engine, it gives you enough power to face any road. It generates a horsepower of 602 and has a torque of 600lb. To ensure maximum stability during high speeds, the Lamborghini is reinforced with a weight of 1.5 tonnes. Its weight is perfectly distributed at its base and with the modern driving controls and dynamics, you are always safe even at the highest speed.

Rent a Lamborghini in Dubai

Enjoy maximum speeds and acceleration since you can raise from 0 speed to 100km/hr. in just 3.4 seconds. Interiorly, you have two leather seats that are roomy for unmatched comfort. Being a convertible car, you can arrive at your destinations in style, putting off the car roof to get all attention. Thanks to its infotainment system, you just wirelessly connect your phone. Enjoy music, receive calls, and send messages from the LCD screen on the dashboard. You want to be the style icon on the road, hire Lamborghini Huracan for the most comfort, luxury, and style.

With such top-notch features, it would be logical to make this model a priority when planning to rent a Lamborghini Dubai. Create an outstanding experience with this top-range Lamborghini that offers nothing but ultimate luxury and class.

Lamborghini Aventador

Lamborghini Aventador derived its name from a Zaragoza fighting bull that used to exist in 1993.  Indeed, the Lamborghini Aventador is a true giant in the supercar world. It comes with a 6.5L V12 engine that delivers a horsepower of 690. You can reach 62mph in just 2.9 seconds. The trim levels under this category have different numbers of seats like the Roadster has 4 seats while the Aventador has only two seats.

Interiorly, you have heated seats, adjustable seats to change positions, and an internal lighting system. With the four-wheel traction system, you get enough grip on the road thereby giving you maximum balance. Even on sharp corners, the self-handling drive controls ensure the car doesn’t turn over. With features like the collision warning system, radar system, and lane departure warning, it is hard to cause an accident when driving this Lamborghini.

As one of the most preferred models by people who rent a Lamborghini Dubai, it has never disappointed.

Lamborghini Urus

Urus is a supersport utility designed to offer exemplary performance and comfort. This 5.2L V8 twin-turbocharged engine SUV is a reliable partner in all the tours one must make in Dubai. Delivering a horsepower of 641 and a torque of 627lb, you are truly unstoppable on the open roads of Dubai. In just 3.6 seconds, you can accelerate from 0 speed to 62 mph no matter the slope of the road. Its maximum speed is 190mph which is relatively low compared to the other Lamborghini but it’s worth the time.

Lamborghini Urus banner

Being an SUV, it is the only sports car that can make you fulfill the dream of driving a sports car in an off-road condition. Intrude the sand desert as you interact with nature in a luxurious car. Drive to the mountains and enjoy the marvelous views of the mountains of Dubai. With 4-5 seats, it is a perfect choice to go for when you want group tours in sports cars. If you want to rent a Lamborghini in Abu Dhabi for your off-road tours, this SUV got you covered.

Its design is appropriate for the diving motion style which gives the Urus a streamlined nature. Connect your phone to the infotainment system to handle calls, messages, and select music. You don’t need to keep touching your phone because you can use the LCD monitor on the dashboard. Filled with safety features, you can be sure to drive in the streets without any accidents.

Lamborghini Reventón

Why not get attention on the road with this 6.5L V12 engine Lamborghini Reventon? Reventon has a sleek design yet is very robust and energetic, this sports car gives you all the power you need to enjoy driving on any Road in Dubai. It delivers 650 horsepower and a torque of 487 Ft. Lbs. That is enough power to make you unstoppable on the road.

In just 3.4 seconds, you can accelerate from 0 to 100km/h and reach a maximum speed of 330 km/h within 6.4 seconds. Interiorly, you have the liquid crystal displays that make the car phenomenal. With leather, adjustable, and heated seats, your comfort is guaranteed.

Exteriorly, it is made with carbon-fiber technology. Being the first Lamborghini to incorporate the daytime running headlights, this car is one of a kind to have for your tours in Dubai. The active air wing draws in air at high speeds to balance the aerodynamics and to cool the engine. Reventon is a car that doesn’t fail in creating a memorable experience.

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento

Debuted in Paris 2010, Elemento has been receiving serious design and performance updates since then. The current model is a true road star that keeps on over-performing. With a 5.2L V12 engine, this sports car produces a horsepower of 562 and a torque of 398 ft. Lbs.

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento banner

Drivers don’t have to worry about safety because the aerodynamics and controls are automatically regulated making the car stand out even at the highest speeds. It is a four-wheel-drive meaning you have traction on all tires to make you drive without the rear tires losing a grip of the road. You also have a top-notch infotainment system that allows you to connect your mobile phone. By connecting your phone, you can listen to music, receive calls with the touch of a button and respond to texts without having to touch your phone while driving.

Why Lamborghini rental in Dubai is a great idea

In a place where having fun and recreation is the norm, it is always good to have high-end sports cars. Know the rent Lamborghini in Dubai price so that you know the choices to make.

  • It is cheaper to rent a Lamborghini Dubai compared to other places in the world like the United States and European countries.
  • Dubai and Abu Dhabi have a lot of fuel, so fuel costs are relatively low. Since Lamborghini is a fuel guzzler, it would be economical for you to drive the car in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.
  • You can drive any model you want. There are plenty of Lamborghini models that you can hire depending on the type you want. You can choose to drive different models every day.
  • With the modern multi-lane roads, you are assured of driving with complete autonomy. Practice driving at maximum speeds and feel the experience.

The benefits of renting a Lamborghini in Dubai

At a personal level, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to play rich for a moment. There are numerous benefits that come along with driving a Lamborghini in the rich city of Dubai. Here are some of the benefits.

  • Enjoy traveling at high speeds
  • Get Unmatched comfort on your tours
  • Safety throughout your vacation
  • Get a chance to interact with the celebrities

Enjoy travelling at high speeds

Rent a Lamborghini in Dubai

Being a modern city, almost every road in Dubai has multiple lanes and is built for fast-moving cars. Even the roads that lead to the most preferred tourist attraction sites have multiple lanes. All roads are safe giving you the complete autonomy and assurance to drive at the highest speed possible. Lamborghini can move at a maximum speed of 217 mph. You can accelerate from zero speed to 100km/h in just 3 seconds.

Get unmatched comfort in your tours

The whole point of being on a vacation is to enjoy and have fun. That wouldn’t be possible if you tour without a supercar like that Lamborghini. It comes with comfy seats that are heated to keep you warm. Thanks to its interior temperature regulating feature which ensures you have a conducive internal environment. Unlike in public transport where you travel with lots of people, you will have the privacy you need when traveling with a Lamborghini.

Safety throughout your vacation

If you rent a Lamborghini Dubai, you have guaranteed safety. Who would even dare to break into a Lamborghini and steal your items, no one? Besides masking you from pickpocketing, it also offers you safety on the ready. The engineering incorporated in these cars makes it hard for them to have accidents. Multiple airbags, perfect driving controls and dynamics, pedestrian detection system, and anti-collision system are some of the features that make a Lamborghini a safe car. Once you are inside the car, you don’t have to worry about what is outside.

Get a chance to meet with celebrities

Dubai is the most preferred vacation place for most celebrities. Musicians, politicians, and footballers spend their time in Dubai. They don’t board public transport; they drive sports cars. With your Lamborghini, you will be able to interact with such famous and powerful people. At Luxury Car Rental Dubai, we want to give you an outstanding sports car that will make you gather all the attention around. Select your package and hire a Lamborghini that will add comfort, luxury, and fulfillment to your tours in Dubai.

Get Lamborghini with one click at your doorstep

Dubai Lamborghini rental has been simplified to ensure the booking is stress-free. Everything on our site is well displayed including names, pictures, and prices of the supercars. From your computer or smartphone, you just select what you would like to drive and type in your address. A Lamborghini will be at your doorstep within a very short time.

There is normally no delivery fee, but in some special cases, we can add an extra charge. It all depends on when and where you need your car to be delivered to.

If you don’t know how to drive or have the required permits, you can hire the Lamborghini and a driver as well. You could as well pick up the Lamborghini yourself to avoid the delivery fees. It is always good to ask for all clarifications including mileage, hours, and what would happen if you returned it late.

What documents are required to rent a Lamborghini in Dubai?

Here are the documents required to rent a Lamborghini in Dubai. The same documents are also needed when you want to rent a Lamborghini in Abu Dhabi.

  • Original passport, not photocopies
  • Your visit visa
  • Driving license from your home country
  • International Driving Permit

Dubai is a highly governed and regulated country, so traffic rules are taken very seriously. We at want to ensure you have an uninterrupted venture without being bothered by authorities. Therefore, we emphasize that you bring all required documents.

Where are the best places to drive a Lamborghini in Dubai?

You have unlimited options when it comes to where to drive a Lamborghini in Dubai. It all depends on the type of fun you would like to have. The point to note is that cars are not allowed in the recreational amenities where activities are taking place so you would be required to look for a parking spot nearby. Here are some of the places to tour with your newly acquired Lamborghini.

  • JBR Beach Road
  • Zayed road 1 to Miracle Garden
  • Financial Center Road to Dubai Fountain
  • The shores of Burj Al Arab Hotel
  • AquaVenture Water Park

Madinat Jumeirah

If having fun in world-class resorts is your interest, Jumeirah Road doesn’t disappoint. This place is a blend of recreational amenities giving you the opportunity to shine with your Lamborghini as you pop one place to the other. Take a tour of The Souk of the Well, a well-decorated place that oozes solitude and tranquillity. If that is not enough, take a walk into the five-star restaurants that are not only spellbinding but also offer mouth-watering dishes. People who rent a Lamborghini Dubai make this spot a priority because of its magnificent theme.

The complete fun is at night when pubs, restaurants, and cafes are fully open. The colorful streets and the background music all add up to the joyous moods of celebration and happiness. With your Lamborghini by your side, you have enough respect to indulge in any companion and have a lot of fun. A whole 1.7 kilometers road just filled with various recreational resources to make you have fun.

Zayed road 1 to Miracle Garden

What a perfect way to spend your time looking at the colorful installations of the Miracle Garden. Enjoy driving your Lamborghini on the modern road of Sheikh Zayed Road 1 1 that leads you directly to Miracle Road. You wouldn’t be disappointed because the garden is phenomenal, and you can drive at a very fast speed. Don’t forget your camera because there is a lot to capture.

Financial Centre Road to Dubai Fountain

Do you want a breath-taking place that rekindles your inner peace? The Dubai Fountain is the best place to be with your Lamborghini. Just take the Financial Centre Road which will lead you to Dubai mall. This is the place where you will find parking for your Lamborghini and proceed to the fountain to have some fun. It is a manmade lake sitting on a 12-hectare farm with 6,600 lights and lots of creative waterfall designs all to make you feel good moments during your vacation.

The shores of Burj Al Arab Hotel

One of the tallest hotels in Dubai that sit on the shores of the artificial Island. Take the Kuwait Road – 01 that will lead you straight to the hotel. Get inside and have a view of the entire surrounding. It is a welcoming place characterized by ambiance and calmness. All this is a perfect scene to recharge and rejuvenate as you consume your holiday.

Aquaventure Waterpark

Have you ever imagined yourself parking a Lamborghini on the shores of a white sand beach? The spectacular appearance you would create with you posing with a Lamborghini is just outstanding. Over 30 attractions are here giving you all the options to enjoy your day.

Key specifications of Lamborghini Aventador

The Lamborghini Aventador is a mid-engine sports car that has a 6.5-liter V12 engine.  It delivers a horsepower of 769 and a torque of 531 pound-fee. This is high range power that gives the car maximum energy to pass through even the very hilly regions. With its aerospace shape and advanced performance, Aventador is the benchmark of the sports car industry.

You have 20-inch tires that make the Aventador perfect for high speeds and sharp corners. Interiorly, you have ambient drivers and passenger space for complete comfort and luxury. You have only two seats so you and your partner or friend can have good moments in the Lamborghini. It has a boot space of 90 liters where you can store some of your basic cargo and with a ground clearance of 125mm, you shouldn’t go off-road with it.

On technologies, the Lamborghini Aventador doesn’t disappoint. Anti-Lock Braking System ensures the car doesn’t slip on slippery roads. You also have a radar system that detects objects around your car to prevent collisions. Driving controls and dynamics all ensure you don’t turn over even at high speeds. Connect your phone via Bluetooth and save yourself from the hassle of having to pick up your phone while driving. Temperature controls, heated seats, and adjustability are some of the luxury features included in the car.

Summary of Lamborghini rental in Dubai

You can rent a Lamborghini Dubai if you are on vacation, on business trips, or during holidays. Dubai is a modern city full of recreational activities and rich people. Renting a Lamborghini is not just for luxury, but it also ensures you represent a classic style when you tour from place to place. There are various models on the Lamborghini rental in Dubai. Whatever you choose determines the price you will pay and the latest ones are the most expensive ones. You can hire Lamborghini Dubai for a day or a week depending on the length of time you would like to use it.

Frequently asked questions about renting Lamborghini in Dubai

Here are the frequently asked questions about Dubai Lamborghini rental.

Can I rent a Lamborghini in Dubai?

Yes, you can rent a Lamborghini in Dubai. Just choose the duration you would like to drive the Lamborghini. People choose per hour, per day, or weekly. You can even ask to have it for a month and thanks to can customise a package for you. You just need to have the appropriate documents presented to us, and we will accept your request of renting a Lamborghini.

Can I Rent a Lamborghini in Abu Dhabi?

Yes, you can rent a Lamborghini in Abu Dhabi. In Abu Dhabi, you need to have an international driving permit, a passport, and a credit card as well as a document to prove that you are 21 years old or above. Just like the Lamborghini rental in Dubai, some Lamborghini rentals in Abu Dhabi accept cash but you need to ask first before carrying your cash.

Can I rent a Lamborghini in Dubai with a US license?

Yes, you can. If you have a passport with you. Your US driving license and a passport are enough to get you a Lamborghini. US residents don’t need an international driving permit to rent a Lamborghini in Dubai.

What methods of payment are available?

Rent a Lamborghini in Dubai

Methods of payment include

  • Cash
  • Credit cards
  • Cryptocurrency
  • PayPal

What is insurance for Lamborghini in Dubai?

There are different types of insurance. One covers you partially. When an accident occurs and it is not caused by you, you will only pay 15% of the damages. This only happens when you get excess damages but for minor damages, the insurance company pays for everything.

The other type of insurance is the one which covers fully the cost of damages. This is a bit expensive because the risk is huge. Not all models come with this package of insurance so it is only a few high-end models.

How much does it cost to rent a Lamborghini for a day?

The cost of renting a Lamborghini ranges from AED 2500 to AED 6000 depending on the type of Lamborghini you wish to drive. The newest models are more expensive than old models but new models are loaded with luxury and tech features to give you a remarkable experience. Rent a Lamborghini for a day so that you have maximum fun while you get the attention of the people around you.

How much is a Lamborghini per hour?

Again, this is fully dependent on the model and year of manufacture of the Lamborghini. It starts from as low as AED 900 to AED 2000. Remember most rental companies start from a minimum package of 3 hours. It is better to rent for a day than per hour because hourly is a little bit more expensive.

Where can I drive fast in Dubai?

The Dubai Autodrome is the place you discover the true speed potential of the Lamborghini sports car. It is a 5.9km road that is built to have speeding cars. Charges apply for those who want to drive at the autodrome. So why drive at low speeds and there is a place you unleash the true potential of your car?

Is driving in Dubai difficult?

Not Really, but it isn’t that simple. You just need some time to adapt to the way locals drive because Dubai locals cannot help you if you get in a difficult driving position. Drive at low speeds until you get used to the system then start to enjoy speeding on the roads.