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Why Teslas don’t need oil changes?

Before revealing why Teslas don’t need oil changes, let us find out – Do Teslas require oil? For common cars, oil and oil change is a must. This is because normal vehicles come with many fast-moving parts that produce a lot of friction. So, to reduce the friction and enable a smooth driving experience, lubrication oil has been used. In due course of time, the oil loses its lubrication ability, and then an oil change is required for the smooth operation of a car.

Now, explaining about – Does Teslas need oil or oil change – it has to be noted that Teslas runs on motors, and an electric motor doesn’t have any in-built friction-producing parts. For smooth functioning, the motor uses little grease for lubrication. Hence, there is no engine oil or oil change required in Teslas.

Other frequently asked questions about Teslas maintenance

Compared to common cars, Teslas don’t need much maintenance, as it comes with fewer engine parts. There is no need for regular fluid changes or dealing with a combustion engine. At the same time, maintaining a Tesla is not a piece of cake. There are a few things that should be taken care of periodically. Check the owner’s manual guide to get proper recommendations and ideas for Teslas Maintenance.

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Do Teslas have engines?

As stated above, Tesla vehicle doesn’t contain combustion engines, like common cars. Tesla cars are produced with electric motors that come with rechargeable batteries. In rear-wheel-drive Teslas, the motor is placed right over the rear axle, and in all-wheel-drive vehicles, the motor parts are installed between the front two wheels.

What maintenance does a tesla need?

If you’re a new Tesla car owner or planning to buy a new Tesla car, you might be eager to know – what maintenance does a Tesla need? Like all major car brands, Teslas come with a recommended maintenance schedule. Initially, Tesla said that it is a must to do yearly inspections to ensure the electric motors are working properly. But later, the company switched from annual checkups to recommending specific maintenance services on a demand basis.

As per the maintenance schedule mentioned on the website – Teslas doesn’t require any regular checkups, but there is a list of items that should be checked periodically for the smooth functioning of Teslas on the road.

Which Tesla part needs oil?

As we discussed above, Teslas doesn’t require any oil changes. However, the gearbox of a Tesla contains some oil, as it is required for smooth transmission. But it doesn’t need to be changed, as it won’t be contaminated by fumes from the burning fuel, as there are no engine parts.

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Tesla motors used to recommend their car owners to replace the gearbox oil during a service in the year 1, 5, and 9. But now, Tesla has removed this guidance, so you will never need to replace the gearbox oil in electric cars in its entire lifetime.

How often do Teslas require maintenance?

Tesla engineers constantly review and update the maintenance recommendations for optimum performance of the electric car. Following the Tesla maintenance update will help optimize the reliability, durability, and resale value of your Tesla car.

Tesla doesn’t require any annual maintenance or fluid changes. But it’s always advisable to check your Owner’s Manual guide for the latest update on maintenance recommendations for your Tesla vehicle.

Maintenance checklist for your Tesla car

We must say that you should always check Tesla’s manual guide to get precise info regarding the maintenance checklist. Nevertheless, there are some basic maintenances that you need to be aware of to keep your car in perfect running condition.


The tires on Tesla cars are similar to common vehicles. The average life span of a car tire is about 5 to 8 years, with good driving conditions. Aggressive driving, intense weather conditions, and driving a car with low tire pressure can reduce the tire’s lifespan. You can check the height of tread lines in tires to find the remaining life of the tire.

Air Filter

As per the Tesla maintenance guide, you need to replace the carbon air filter every two years. As days go on – the filters get clogged up and become less effective due to the contamination of dust and pollen collected within it. You also need to change the HEPA filter every three years to maintain a good and hygienic car interior.

Brake pads and calipers

Unlike common cars, the brake pads on electric vehicles are not more vulnerable to wear and tear, as they use a regenerative braking system. Anyhow, it’s advisable to check your brake pads periodically during your Tesla services.

Brake fluid

Over time, brake fluids become impure, bearing high pressure and transferring force to brakes. Contaminated brake fluid will affect the braking system and results in no braking or a longer stopping distance. Therefore, it’s recommended to check your brake fluid and change it immediately, if your brake becomes a bit harder or doesn’t respond to your force.

Tesla Motors recommends that car owners inspect their brake fluid every two years and take action immediately if it needs to be replaced.

Wheel alignment

Whether an electric car or a common car, the wheels should be aligned properly for a smooth and safe drive. A properly aligned wheel improves tire life, reduces wear and tear, improves fuel efficiency, and overall the car’s performance. Look out for the symptoms of improper wheel alignment and wheel balancing, such as: –

  • Vehicle pulling to one side
  • Tire tear in uneven places
  • Vibration at a high-speed drive

These are a few signs showing that your car’s wheels should be checked immediately for proper wheel alignment and wheel balancing.

Tesla system and software updates

Most of the features of Tesla are controlled by software. The latest updates or software upgrade versions from Tesla can make your car safer and more intelligent than before.

So, always look for Tesla software updates and keep up-to-date. You can update your Tesla software at any place with just a Wi-Fi connection without visiting a service center.

You can check for updates by visiting the software tab. You will get an install update button if any software update is available. All you need to do is – just click on the button and activate the new features of Tesla software.

What’s more? – Drive Tesla Now!

We hope this guide has helped you understand the facts of: do Teslas need oil changes, does Tesla need oil, etc. It also describes what maintenance Tesla needs.

With the smooth drive for as long as 300 plus miles on a single charge, you can enjoy your ride with your family. Since Tesla has become the town’s talk, you can now find electric car charging points in many gas stations. You cannot ignore Tesla cars for any reason – whether it’s eco-friendly or budget-friendly, it serves both. Using Tesla cars can save the environment from pollution and save your pocket from fuel expenses.

While making an informed decision to purchase a car, usually, people don’t want a car that is just a car. Rather they look for the one that is fuel-efficient, eco-friendly, comes with less maintenance, and other extras. Tesla cars perfectly suit all these requirements and have been added to almost everyone’s bucket list.

It’s interesting to know about Tesla cars, right? It would be more amazing if you have a drive on it! With ever-increasing fuel prices, there will be no surprise if the demand for electric cars surpasses the need for normal cars in the near future.