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Rent a luxury car in Dubai – Step-by-step-guide

The core purpose why people rent a luxury car in Dubai is to experience maximum luxury in solitude and a tranquil environment. A luxurious car warrants comfort, privacy, and safety to travellers. It all starts with selecting the appropriate car. This is why you will learn how to select the best car for your vacation on this guide.

  •         Browse the cars
  •         Choose a model of your preference
  •         Keep your budget in your mind
  •         Short term or long term plan
  •         Pay the rental fee
  •         Get the chosen car at your doorstep
  •         Returning the sports car

Browse the Cars

On the our sports car rental Dubai website, there are plenty of luxury cars listed. Luxury car rental Dubai has categorized its cars to make it easier for car enthusiasts to navigate through as they seek the best car to rent. On the top right-hand corner, you’ll find car brands listed such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bentley, and Rolls Royce. Click on the brand of your choice to find the models available. When checking the models, be keen to identify the different years of manufacture because you might see the same model listed several times with different prices.

On every model, there is a detailed description regarding the car’s details. You can read several cars’ descriptions to understand the cars before you settle into one. This luxury car rental in Dubai beginner guide is meant to help people understand the key aspects to look into when selecting cars for rent in Dubai.

Choose a model of your preference

Models are simply the subcategories of the brands on our website. An example is the Lamborghini brand which has models like Urus, Huracan, and Evo Spyder. Read every model’s description so that you know the features, level of comfort, luxury, and entertainment that the car offers.

The latest models are enhanced with superior-tech features, advanced safety features, and driving controls that make these cars more satisfying than the old models. As a result, you may find the latest models’ prices higher than the old models. If you continue reading this complete guide to rent a car in Dubai, you will understand how to select the best models that fit your budget and offer outstanding luxury and comfort.

Keep your budget in mind

Depending on the number of hours, days, weeks, or months you would want to use the car, your budget varies greatly. When it comes to sports car rental Dubai, budgeting is necessary to ensure you get value for every penny you spend. It is worth noting that the money one pays for renting a car only caters to that car. Parking, entrance fees to places, travel costs, and other recreational costs should be covered by the traveler. Know what every model costs so that you select the one that fits your budget. Supercars are all luxurious, safe, and with an adorable style so even if you go for the old models, satisfaction is guaranteed.

Short term or long term plan

The longevity of usage of the car is one of the tips to keep in mind when renting a car in Dubai. For people who want to use the car for a certain instant function like a wedding, business meeting or a short enjoyment, daily and hourly packages are their best. For those who are planning to stay in Dubai for several days due to either vacation or business meetings, you can rent luxurious cars for a week or a month.

driving rules in Dubai

The long-term exotic car rental in Dubai is considered efficient for those who would need daily travelling from their hotel to the various destinations. It saves you from the hassle of taking a taxi every morning. When you rent a luxury car in Dubai for the long term, it is safe and convenient because you can keep your simple belongings.

Pay the rental fee

Once you have decided the model to have and the duration you would like to keep using the car, it is time for you to pay the rental fee. On this luxury car rental in Dubai beginner guide, you will understand how to make payment for the car you have chosen.

Select your preferred payment method. On, you have a chance to use several methods such as credit card, cash, crypto, and PayPal. Payment is instant so once you pay, processing of your order starts immediately. Once your payment goes through, you’ll then be required to sign a car rental agreement form to seal the deal.

Get the chosen car at your doorstep

Once you have signed the agreement form, enter your location and wait for the car. There is a delivery fee that applies and it is normally discussed when paying for the car. Delivery doesn’t take long because has professional drivers who can drive the car fast to your destination.

Keys are handed over to you and the car will be in your custody for the duration that you have rented. If you have selected to rent the car with a driver, the driver would have to drive the car and come for you every morning until the day your rental contract expires.

Returning the sports car

If you rent a luxury car in Dubai, plan to return the car early enough so that you don’t incur additional charges at all. You can call the rental company to come and pick up the car. If you call for pick up, this will cost you a pickup fee which is normally the same as the delivery fee.

Alternatively, you can drive the car to the destination where the car rental company is located. If you get a good exotic car rental in Dubai company, both delivery and pick-up fees might get included in the general car rental price so that you pay all of it at once. Discuss your package at the beginning before you pay so that all charges are included to save you from the stress of having to incur other payment engagements later.

Documents required to rent a car in UAE

One of the tips to hire luxury cars in Dubai is that you should have the required documents. This means you will be able to drive yourself instead of hiring a driver. Hiring a car and a driver costs more compared to when you hire the car alone. Follow this Guide for renting a luxury car to understand the required documents.

Acceptable driving licenses

Some countries’ driving licenses are valid in Dubai and you will not need to have an international driving permit.

  •         New Zealand
  •         Serbia
  •         South Africa
  •         China
  •         Finland
  •         Austria
  •         Denmark
  •         Serbia
  •         Romania
  •         The United Kingdom
  •         Qatar
  •         Turkey
  •         Spain
  •         Norway
  •         Saudi Arabia
  •         Canada

Your driving license from these countries needs to be up to date for it to be considered valid. Lithuania and Singapore were also newly added to the list so you won’t need to hire a driver or have an international driving permit to be allowed to drive in Dubai.

Validity of license

If you are a UAE or GCC citizen, your license is valid for ten years after which you will need to renew it. For residents in Dubai, renewal needs to be done every five years. License renewal can be done online. For you to be eligible to renew your license, you need to settle all the traffic fines. There is no grace period for expired license in Dubai and UAE so if you are caught driving without a license, that is a direct traffic offence. For Dubai residents, the fine for driving without a license is AED 50,000.

Transfer your license into UAE driving license

Dubai allows you to change your home country driving license into a Dubai license. You need to be from the exempted countries for you to be eligible to change your home country driving license into a Dubai driving license.  Some of the steps include getting a Dubai Health Authority eye test, going to the RTA office and filling out an application form, submitting your required documents, and waiting for your application to be verified.

License process for exempted countries

Exotic car rental in Dubai allows one to rent a car with a converted driving license. In this guide to getting a car rental, you will learn how to convert your license into a UAE driving license.

  •         You need a driving license from the eligible countries
  •         passport (copy and original as well)
  •         One passport photo
  •         AED 200 in cash for file opening, AED 600 for issuing a license, AED 50 for handbook manual, and AED 20 innovation transfer charges
  •         Your sponsor should write an objection letter
  •         A consulate letter is needed for some countries
  •         You may also need translation of the license

Once you have all these requirements, you can then walk into any Dubai license registration department and have your request processed quickly. It only takes five minutes to get your license. License is one of the requirements to rent a car in Dubai so knowing how to get it is important if you want to legally drive in Dubai.

License for not exempted countries

If your country is not on the exempted list, you can’t get a driving license in Dubai unless you get training. Training involves theory and several road tests so that you prove to the examiners that you are truly a driver. Once your driving skills have been proven to be safe, you can be awarded a license in Dubai.

You can however rent a car if you have your international driving permit. You need to present both the international driving permit and home driving license for you to be allowed to drive in Dubai.

license for non exempted countries

Frequently asked questions about How rent a luxury sports car in Dubai

There are commonly asked questions about Dubai car rental. On this luxury car rental in Dubai beginner guide, you’ll find all the answers to these common questions.

Will car insurance cover my rented car in the UAE?

UAE law demands that car rental companies like should provide basic insurance cover to people who rent cars. This means if you rent a car, you are covered but the cover may not be adequate to cater for all the damages in the event that the covered risk occurs. Loss of personal property, small damages to the car, collision and damage waiver, and stolen car insurance are some of the covers that you can get. Most of the insurance costs are imposed on the final price so you may not even know you are paying for it unless you ask.

For the sake of clarity, make sure you ask everything regarding insurance before you take the car. Some insurance covers will require you to core-pay in the event excess damages occur. You pay around 15% of the damages and the insurance pays the other amount.

What if I can’t drive? Could I rent a car with a driver in Dubai?

Yes, you can rent a car and a driver if you can’t drive in Dubai. Car rental companies like have the best drivers that can drive you professionally.  No matter the duration you rent the car, a driver would be attached to you to ensure you tour your destinations without any compromise. During this period, drivers cannot drink or smoke until clients are safely returned to their residence in Dubai.

Do I have to pay road tolls if I rent a car in Dubai?

Driving on classy highways and other restricted roads where charges apply is solemnly a matter of personal preference akin to entering recreational places. All the charges that apply should therefore be settled by the person who rents the car. only charges for the duration one stays with the car. Where you go is purely your choice because you have total autonomy to tour any destination you see fit. Car rental price is only billed based on the mileage you cover, the hours, days, weeks, or months you stay with the car. Destination and road charges are not covered in the price because this is not a guided tour package.

How much do I have to pay as a security deposit when I rent a car in Dubai?

The security deposit amount depends on the type and model of the car you rent. The duration you are going to use the car also determines the security deposit amount to be paid. Most supercars warrant a security deposit of between AED 2000 to AED 5000.

For example, to rent a Lamborghini Urus, you need to pay a security deposit of AED 5000 while to rent a Ferrari Roma, you need to pay a security deposit of AED 4000. The more value the car has, the more security deposit you are going to pay because the risk involved is big. For those who want to rent a car for more than a week, a security deposit would be higher than those who rent it for days because the risk is also big.

When will I get my security deposit back?

From the moment you return the car, it takes between 15-20 working days to have your security deposit back. People who rent cars for long-term use may have to wait longer than those who rent them for a short time. The main reason for this long waiting is that the car rental company does an audit on the car to ensure all damages are rectified before you get your deposit back.

Charges like the road tolls which should have been paid by the car user but somehow failed to pay are also paid by the car rental company. This money is deducted from your security deposit. Once all the clearances have been done, the money is then credited to your credit card.

How do I pay for my rental car? has multiple payment methods to enable car enthusiasts to select the appropriate and convenient method of payment. There is a cash payment method where you just pay cash and get a receipt.  You can also use your credit card to pay. This is the most convenient way even when you have to pay a large amount of money. If these two are not perfect for you, you also have a chance to use cryptocurrency. Browse the cars, select your model, fill out and sign the agreement form and then pay to have the car delivered to your doorstep or you can collect it at the car rental company.

What are the driving rules in the UAE?

Traffic rules in Dubai are taken very seriously and violation of any rule could lead to heavy fines. This reinforcement is done for the safety of road users.

  • Always put on a safety belt whether you are the driver or the passenger. You could be charged AED 400 and get 10 black points if caught without a safety belt in a car.
  • You need a Salik Tag. This is an electronic chip that is installed at the tailgate. The car rental company is the one that should ensure all cars have these tags.
  • Drinking and driving is highly prohibited so don’t even dare try it because it is a very serious offence.
  • Make sure you have a valid driving license. Driving without a license could lead to a 3 months’ jail term or warrant a fine of AED 5,000.
  • Insurance is compulsory even if it is the basic third party insurance cover
  • Never use your mobile phone while driving, you need all your undivided attention

What fines should I watch out for in the UAE?

As a driver, there is a need to make sure you abide by the rules to avoid fines. There are tens of traffic rules that drivers should abide by. Below are some of the rules.

  • Driving a car below the specified speed limit, you could pay up to AED 400
  • If you drive without a license could be fined up to AED 5000
  • Driving a car that doesn’t have plates, you could be fined up to AED 3000
  • People who drive a vehicle in a way that threatens driver’s and public safety, fine is AED 2000
  • Driving the car in a prohibited area warrants you a fine of AED 1000
  • Failure to keep a safe driving distance behind a car would lead to a fine of AED 400
  • Putting wrong signs on the road like wrong indicators that could cause accidents may warrant a charge of AED 500.
  • Driving in foggy weather without lights, driving at night without lights all warrant a fine of AED 500

Do I have to pay for my fuel if I rent a car?

Yes, the car rental price doesn’t include the cost of the fuel. For that reason, you should pay for the fuel as you drive around.

Fuel that remains in the rented car cannot be refunded so make sure you consume your fuel to the maximum. Most supercars have huge engines so you need to fuel a full tank especially if going for long journeys that require continuous driving.

How much does fuel cost in the UAE?

One gallon costs around AED 10 and one-liter costs around AED 3. Calculate the car’s fuel consumption and the distance you would want to cover so that you know the amount of fuel to put.

How much does parking cost?

Parking costs vary depending on where you will park the car. Below are some of the parking costs in Dubai. For commercial parking zone A, it’s AED 4 per hour. Zone B costs AED 3 per hour. Zone C and D costs AED 2 per hour.

Most parking lots accommodate cars from 8 am to 10 pm after which the car stays there at the owner’s risk. Zone G is the downtown parking lots where charges are not known because they depend on personal arrangements and agreements between the car owner and parking lot owner. Seasonal parking lots are also available where you can park a car for three months and cost you between AED 1,400 to AED 4,500.

Are 4 people allowed in a car in Dubai?

Yes, you are allowed to board the car if you are four. The driver plus four passengers are legally allowed to travel in the same car. If you are leaving Dubai to go to Abu Dhabi, it is good to ensure you only have three passengers and one driver to avoid breaking the law. Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, it is recommended that each car must have a maximum of three passengers.

Is car insurance compulsory in Dubai?

It is mandatory for every car owner to cover his or her car. Insurance not only protects you but also the third parties that may be injured by your car.  You will be charged AED 500 if you drive a car that is not insured. You should always have a valid insurance cover even if it covers only the basics. Insurance is also good for your car because when you happen to get in an accident and it gets damaged, it would be fixed free of charge, or may have to just pay a little amount.