Ras Al Khor - Hub of the Auto Industry

Ras Al Khor – A market for every car

This market has everything under the roof, including used cars, luxury, and sports cars. You can find these cars from various brands including Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW, Toyota, and more. Interestingly, you can find some rare assets, including Hamann-tuned 2013, and Bugatti Veyron, among others. Apart from a wide selection of cars, the Ras Al Khor car market also offers many services with the best options. Dubai Ras Al Khor is famous for its enormous collection of cars and attractive offers, auto-part exchange schemes, buy-now-pay-later offers, and the availability of authorized used cars.

Services provided at the Ras Al Khor Dubai market

You can buy cars and even get many automobile maintenance services. The services vary from car financing, registration, general repair, and maintenance to tire replacement and expert opinion about your car’s worth if you are there to trade your vehicle.  The general instructions and guidelines of Dubai Municipality must be followed as the used car market falls under it.  The colossal complex also consists of public facilities such as petrol stations, mosques, banks, restrooms, car accessories shops, and public auto auctions. Let’s discuss some of the services Ras Al Khor car market provides.
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Ras Al Khor Dubai Car market

Vehicle inspection

This process is necessary to check a car’s assessment. This is available for pre-purchased and pre-owned cars in the Ras Al Khor market. A vehicle registration card is mandatory for the inspection. There are three car inspection processes: a courtesy inspection, an insurance inspection, and a 12-point inspection. Some processes include exterior body checks, tire, and brake tests, road tests, engine, and transmission tests, interior inspection, and open bonnet comprehensive inspection either manually or through an OBD scanner. The cost of vehicle testing in Dubai is approximately AED 150.

Car registration

The registration process is different for used cars and new cars. Car registration in Dubai has to be renewed annually. If a car is bought from an authorized dealer, then the agency or the dealer completes the registration process.  Registration of used cars requires additional documents such as a vehicle clearance certificate, transfer certificate, possession certificate, possession transfer certificate, original emirates id, passport copy, residence visa copy, and electronic vehicle insurance document. Before beginning the registration process of a used car, it is necessary to transfer ownership from the old user to the new user. The cost of registration of a new car is generally AED 420


According to the RTA, all car owners must have insurance coverage. It protects the car financially in case of accidents. In UAE, two types of car insurance are available: comprehensive and third-party insurance. The documents required for car insurance renewal are passport or emirates ID, recent photograph, driving license, registration number, pollution test certificate, and credit/debit card details. The yearly cost of car insurance in Dubai is around 1.25% to 3% of the car’s value.

Driving School

One of the most prominent driving schools, The Galadari motor driving school, is located in Ras Al Khor car market. To get a license from any driving center, you need to clear the practical and theoretical tests of the specific school.

The driving license cost in Dubai is around AED 4500 to AED 7000, including driving school fees and other documentation.

Tire sale and replacement of automobiles

If you are planning to buy a used car, it is suggested to get its tire checked. Ras Al Khor car market provides new tires, repair, and replacement of used tires. Warning light indication, decreased tire tread depth, more vibration in the car, and cracks in the tire’s sidewalls are some of the signs to check the usability and condition of tires in vehicles.

Some services the Dubai Ras Al Khor market provides are tire rotation and balancing, wheel alignment, flat tire repair, and reactivating tire monitoring systems. The cost of tire replacement in Dubai varies from company to company.

Car electrical system maintenance

The car’s electrical system includes the vehicle’s battery and computer system that monitors the function of steering, brakes, and sensors.

Car electrical system

To maintain the car’s electrical system, it is suggested to change the vehicle’s battery every 4-5 years as a precaution. If you have a problem turning on your vehicle or hear a clicking or grinding sound, you must get your electrical system checked.


Financing a car includes a credit agreement between the buyer and the lender. This lets you pay for the car over a while in the loan amount. Agencies provide this service in the Ras Al Khor car market.

Four types of car finances are available in the market; personal loan, contract purchase, hire purchase, and leasing. Personal contract purchase includes:

  • Paying the remaining amount and keeping the car.
  • Returning the car to the supplier.
  • Exchanging the car.

Car Accessories

From car visor organizers and wedge cup holders to seat covers, stereo systems, and dash covers, this Dubai automobile market has a massive collection of accessories. You can even customize your car or revamp its exterior to protect it from scratches and heat damage.

Window Tinting

Window tinting is an excellent option to protect your car from the harmful effects of UV rays. It is a simple and quick procedure readily available in this market. Three types of tints are widely used, dyed window tint, crystalline window tint, and hybrid window tint. Following the laws related to window tinting in Dubai is advisable to avoid fines and penalties. The cost of window tinting depends upon the type of tint and the material of tints used. It ranges from as low as AED 200 for a sedan to AED 1200 for a large SUV.

Guidelines to take care

Ras Al Khor- car market

There are specific guidelines for the Dubai Municipality Auto market to be followed by the visitors. Certain areas are not designated for car sales and must be avoided at all costs. Only licensed entities use posters and advertisements for the sale of cars. The sale of fishing boats is prohibited. Storage and entry of trucks and heavy machinery are not allowed. Hawkers and buying vehicles from hawkers are not allowed. Parking cars in public parking at night are not allowed.