self service car wash

How does self-service car wash work?

How does_self service car wash work


Contrary to what most people believe, there’s a way to get your car thoroughly cleaned using the self-serve car wash system. All you have to do is understand how the car wash station works and understand the settings. Once you understand this, it’ll be easier to effectively and efficiently use this car washing method to get the best of your car cleaning experience and save some cash while on it.

This is often viewed as a more affordable and faster method of car maintenance. In this article, we’ll let you in on how Sustanon 250 bodybuilding to use a self-service car wash, how it works, how to get the best from this cleaning method as well as why it is a preferred option.

Here are the steps involved in the self-service car wash method.

Park your car

How you park your car is very important if you want to get the best self-service car wash. One thing most people don’t know is that how you park your car at the self-serving washing bay will determine how thoroughly your car will be cleaned. The trick is to ensure that you park your car right at the center of the bay. A way to know if it’s well parked is to try walking all around your car. If it feels slightly cramped or less spacious, you’d need to repark so that there’s room to move freely all around your car.

Take out mats

Although this is often not a compulsory step, if your car mats are made of plastic or rubber, you have to take them out. You can leave them in if they’re made of carpet or you simply don’t wish to clean them. If you want to clean them, you’d have to take them out so that they can be cleaned with a spray wand.

Put dial to wash
put dial to the wash

Familiarizing yourself with the wash dial helps you know the best setting to use when washing your car. Most common self-serve car wash dials have 3 – 5 settings with the most common being wash, soap, and rinse. Other advanced settings may include waxing, pre-wash, and so on. Once you’re about to wash your car, set the dial to either ‘Wash’ or Pre-Wash’ depending on how dirty your car is. You should use the Pre-Wash setting first if their cars are quite dirty. This makes the cleaning process a lot more efficient since the Pre-Wash setting first takes away most of the dirt.

Insert money and rinse your car with a spray wand

If you are using a self-service car wash method for the first time, you should know that the moment you insert your money in the payment slot, your time for washing starts counting. It starts right from the very beginning to when you’re rinsing. When it comes to rinsing your car after washing, you mustn’t stay too close to your car. Most spray wands shoot out water at high pressure, so standing too close increases the chance of damaging your vehicle’s paint or even engine.

How to maximize the self-service car wash experience
how to maximize self service car wash

Although many people think that the self-serving car wash method is not ideal, the problem is that most of these people don’t know how to use a self serve car wash method. First of all, this method is used by people who are in a hurry. Coupled with the fact that there’s always a limited time to clean your vehicle, it often appears like it’s difficult to get the best results. However, there are several ways you can get the best out of your personal car wash experience. Here are some tips that’ll help you find the self-service car wash method a lot easier.

Bring drying towels

Most people who use the personal service car wash are often those in a hurry to clean their cars. It wouldn’t make sense to expect every piece of washing equipment to be cleaned up after they’ve been used. Using those dirty items will oftentimes reduce the result you’re going for. One tip is to bring your own dry, clean towels when coming to wash your car. Using your items to thoroughly clean the car after rinsing makes for a better cleaning experience.

Understand how to use equipment
understand how to use dial wash

If you don’t know how to use the self-service car wash equipment, it’ll be difficult to get the most out of the car washing experience. For this reason, car owners are usually advised to familiarise themselves with all of the equipment used in this car wash method.  One of such is to learn how to operate the dial, know the different dial settings and how to properly use the spray wand. Knowing how to use these self-service car wash equipment will help you find the self-service car wash as a better means to achieve a great cleaning service.

Make sure water quality is good

One other mistake most people make is overlooking the quality of the water being dispensed from the spray. If the water quality is bad, it’ll be difficult to get the best self-service car wash experience. Once you notice the water quality is not great, it’s advisable to leave that car wash station and head for another with good water.

Few other washing methods you need to know

Few other washing methods you need to know

Apart from the self-serve car wash and the automatic car wash methods, there are a few other washing methods to know about. Some of these include the following:

●Hand car wash method

The hand car wash method is perhaps one of the oldest and most common methods of car maintenance. This is usually done by most car owners at home, where they use basic cleaning items like soap, water, and a sponge to wash their cars with their hands and no machine at all involved. However, you can also find more sophisticated car washes available around. These are the cheapest form of car washing services.

●Express car wash method
Express car wash method

The express car wash method is a form of automatic washing system that allows the vehicles to be moved through a piece of express machinery all through the washing process. This process is often concerned with cleaning the exteriors of the car since there are usually little or no employees to carry out internal cleaning. However, some express car wash services offer free vacuuming options.

●Flex car wash method

This method is concerned with washing only the exteriors of the car. They only offer additional washing service at an extra charge. However, clients are usually allowed to decide to what extent they want their cars cleaned.

●Full-service car wash method

This is a combination of both an automatic and manual labor washing service. Here, the exteriors of the machine may be cleaned by machines while the interiors are taken care of manually by professional car cleaners. It is usually more expensive than the other washing methods.

Comparison between an automatic car wash and self-service car wash
Comparison between an automatic car wash and self-service car wash

There’s a nice feeling that comes with driving a car that’s clean both internally and externally. Choosing the best cleaning method for your car can be a challenging task. There are two common methods most people opt for and that’s the self-service car wash and the automatic car wash methods. With the self-serve car wash method, you get to decide where and how you want your car to be cleaned.

You also have access to all the equipment that would be used to clean your car, so there’s a chance to wash your car yourself to your satisfaction without the use of machines. The automatic car wash method, on the other hand, makes use of machines to clean the car. The cleaning isn’t done using manual labor or even a professional, just the use of in-bay automatic machines and other automatic washing systems. In terms of which is a better choice for car owners, it’s essential to note that using the automatic car wash method isn’t quite ideal.

The reason for this is that using automatic machines to wash overlooks the importance of detailing. Most times, the machines just wash the surfaces without ridding your car of other tiny dirt. With the self-serve car wash method, everything is different and you achieve a much more detailed cleaning experience. Here are some of the reasons why the personal service car wash method is a lot more ideal.


The personal service act car wash method is a lot more affordable than the automatic car wash method. If you’re wondering how much is a self-service car wash, then you should know this usually costs as low as AED 30.

●Control over everything utilized for washing
Control over everything utilized for washing

Another advantage of using the personal service car wash method is that you get to control everything utilized for washing. That is, you know control over what parts of the car need to be washed and what equipment to you. All you have to do is be fast enough and you will get the best car washing experience.


It is also safer washing your car yourself using the self serve car wash method because you get to handle your car with care, more than a machine would. If done properly, you can always wash your car as often as possible without any damage occurring, unlike when machines do the washing.