Car Ownership Transfer

Understanding the requirements

While luxury car rental in Dubai is a great option to explore the stunning roads, having your own car is also of great comfort. Before beginning with the car ownership transfer in Dubai or any other emirate, it’s important to be aware of the required documents and prerequisites.

Car Ownership Transfer in UAE

The table below provides the details of all key requirements necessary for transferring car ownership between Abu Dhabi and Dubai:

Documents required Details
Emirates ID A valid and updated identification document
Driving license A valid and vehicle-relevant driving license
Original car registration card Also known as Mulkiya, it’s proof of ownership of the vehicle
Valid insurance policy Providing details of comprehensive coverage
Sale agreement/NOC from the owner Required if the vehicle is bought from a private seller
Clearance certificate A document issued by the Dubai Traffic Police indicating no pending fines or issues
Bank letter (for financed vehicle) Confirmation of consent for transfer from the bank
Vehicle test certificate Necessary if the vehicle is older than 3 years during the transfer
Vehicle ownership certificate Required for cars purchased from outside the UAE
Power of attorney Required if the owner cannot be present for the transfer process for valid reasons
Vehicle history report It’s required for the used cars to verify their condition and previous ownership history

Clearing outstanding traffic fines

Before a car ownership transfer, any outstanding traffic fines must be cleared. To check if there are any fines to be paid, you can visit the Dubai Police or Abu Dhabi Police website. Enter the vehicle details and clear your dues. You must make sure that all fines are settled not to face any complications during the transfer process.

Acquiring a clearance certificate

Especially in Dubai, a clearance certificate from the traffic police is required to complete the transfer. You can follow the steps below to get the certificate:

  1. Go to any service center of Dubai Traffic Police or take their online services.
  2. Submit all the required documents.
  3. Pay the fees applicable for getting the clearance certificate.
  4. The issued clearance certificate will indicate no pending fines or issues.

Process of Transferring Car Ownership

How to transfer car registration

Once you receive the clearance certificate, congratulations! Now you can proceed with the car ownership transfer process. Follow the step below to complete the car ownership transfer:

  1. To start the transfer, visit the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) or any authorized service center.
  2. Submit all the necessary documents such as the original registration card, clearance certificate and your Emirates ID.
  3. If the car has been financed, submit a transfer consent letter from the bank.
  4. Pay the transfer fees and service charges and other necessary fees involved.
  5. Once it’s all done, you will receive a temporary ownership card that permits you to legally drive your vehicle.
  6. Within a few days, the new registration card (Mulkiya) will be issued and sent to your address.

Car Ownership Transfer Procedure

Updating car details

It is very important to update specific details during the car ownership transfer. This involves changing the vehicle’s address and acquiring new license plates. You can consult the relevant authorities or service center for the precise requirements. By doing this, you guarantee that your car’s registration transfer is complete, correct and complies with the laws of the new emirate.

Simplify the car ownership transfer in Dubai

You have to keep in mind several major steps and requirements while transferring ownership of cars between emirates like Abu Dhabi to Dubai. The discussed guidelines will help you in a smooth and successful vehicle transfer. Don’t forget to clear any outstanding fines, get a clearance certificate and provide all essential documents at the authorized service center.

Transferring Car Ownership

Once you follow each step properly and submit everything required, you’ll get the new registration card and can legally drive in the new emirate. It’s always recommended to stay organized throughout the process to mitigate any potential troubles and have a seamless process.